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I was approached by Newport Skinny Tea to help them promote their new Malibu Beach Beauty Tea back in November, so they sent me some to try.

This tea has a lot going on. Check out my full-length review for the list of ingredients – wowza!

It has an interesting flavor. The flavor is a bit more like an herbal tisane than a tea (which I attribute to having so many ingredients). But I liked that I could taste certain elements: I liked that I was tasting lemon and lavender and honeysuckle. Notes of peppermint and elder flower and rose. And I could even still taste the teas (which includes an earl gray!)

It’s a strongly floral tea, but it doesn’t taste perfume-y, just floral. It’s an interesting tea and I enjoyed it. If I decided to go on the 21 day ‘beautification’ from this tea, at least the tea is tasty! It’s a tasty way to get there. I don’t know that the tea actually works the way it says it will, but it’s enjoyable.

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