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Last night whilst working a night shift at one of the NHS’s general hospitals I had the misfortune to be offered a cup of this instant freeze dried granule type tea. This is what they serve up to their patients. It is truly appalling in flavour, having a bitter aftertaste, toxic looking in colour, with the aroma of mouldy mushrooms. It is made worse by the fact that the water they use to make the tea is well below boiling point, for health and safety reasons, so what you are served up with is a tepid, bitter liquid notable only for its uselessness. Under no circumstances accept a cup of this tea. If you are planning a stay at an NHS hospital, take you own tea supply, otherwise you may come out feeling more nauseated than when you went in.


Thanks for the warning!

Robert Heaven

Thank you for this warning… If I am ever unfortunate to be in hospital I will drink coffee instead – I presume they have express machines in NHS hospitals?

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