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Tasting #1 – Steep Time 2 Minutes
Initial aroma is honey, followed by roasted nuts. The aroma does not translate into flavor, its reminiscent of the roasted rice in genmaicha, but not green tea at all. Or even sobacha, possibly even hojicha. It has an excellent even roasted flavor that is pleasant to the last sip.

Tasting #2 – Steep Time 4 Minutes
Still a full aroma of honey, but less of the roasted nuts. Astringency has begun to set in and the evenness in flavor seems to have passed. Now it is very much a pan roasted green tea, like you might enjoy at a Chinese restaurant. The astringency seems to bite the tip of my tongue, so as I drink past it I find the flavor to be quite enjoyable.

Tasting #3 – Steep Time 6 Minutes
The aroma of roasted nut has taken the forefront now, with the honey finishing it off. The astringency seems to have passed in the flavor, just an aftertaste now, and the tea seems to have settled in flavor somewhere between the pleasant even roast and the distinct green tea.

Smooth and delicious. No sign of astringency here. I enjoyed the cold brew so much, I almost forgot to make a hot pot. However, I do prefer it cold.

Flavors: Hay, Honey, Roasted Nuts, Sweet, Toasted Rice


Yay! I’m glad that this one was still good for you despite the age!

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