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I’ve been drinking this tea for a while now, and find that the layered flavors go excellently with apple juice as a cold drink, or simply by themselves when hot. I enjoy drinking it year round, and have introduced a few of my coworkers to its delights.

Unlike many other teas, I’ve found that the longer you allow it to steep, the richer the flavors get. I have never noticed any bitterness after forgetting about my cuppa for an hour or so while letting it steep and cool! As a plus, when that happens, tossing in some ice cubes and drinking it chilled makes for a refreshing treat.

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drank Hibiscus Mint by Nile Valley Teas
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Very straightforward cup of hibiscus and mint tea. The mint is a background player here and does not intrude upon the tartness of the hibiscus flower.

It’s good both hot and cold. I tend to drink it hot at work and leave the bag in the cup to make it stronger and stronger with every sip. At home, I like to prepare it as iced tea and mix in pomegranate or grape juice to sweeten it.

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