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drank NK Blandning by NK
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This is nicely decorated! Its dry leaf appearance reminds me of the Revontuli (Northern Lights) tea by Forsman, but the NK one smells more complex. It has bits of dried orange peel, cornflower, rose petals, safflower and a bright red flower. There is an intense, sweet floral scent with base notes of blueberry and something else, perhaps currants or strawberries.

It brews to a pretty medium amber color. It tastes “juicy” with a slight hint of bergamot. Easy to drink and good with milk. This would most likely make an excellent iced tea as well. The strongest flavors that come through are those of the orange peel and black tea. This isn’t one of my favorite black tea blends but it’s quite drinkable and I’m sure I’ll finish up what I have very soon!

Edit: I tried a second steep and it came out great. There was a minty lightness to the finish that wasn’t there before.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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drank Söder Grön by NK
31 tasting notes

This is one of four teas I received for my birthday from Nordiska Kompaniet (http://www.nk.se/en/nk-stockholm/). They all came with really pretty tins; I’ll have to eventually get pictures of everything since NK doesn’t seem to have their teas listed on their website. Strangely, since they seem to market themselves as having a quality tea selection, there are no brewing instructions on any of the tea envelopes.

Dry, the tea looks beautiful with the pink rose petals, saffron and bits of candied papaya. After brewing for 2 minutes, there is a strong scent of rose. It tastes mostly like spiced orange flavored green tea, though there is a hint of vanilla at the end. This is an excellent flavored tea for the wintertime, and especially today, as it finally snowed last night!

I just did a second infusion for the same amount of time and it came out great! The flavors seemed more balanced and there was less rose scent (which I’m not a huge fan of). The green tea and vanilla were both more prominent.

2 min, 0 sec

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