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This tea both smells and tastes ama……… wait for it ;) ….. zzzzzing!

The nice smell of candid exotic fruit filled the whole office. Hope the colleges aren’t hungry ;) I was really hoping the taste wont disappoint me. And it didn’t. This tea is sweet and delicious. Really really yummy rooibos. Definitely my favourite to this point!

Btw I steeped it longer (forgot about it) and I assume that made it even sweeter and stronger on the fruit. Didn’t mind either ;) Oh and the lady in the shop gave this sampler to me for free which was really nice of her. Not to mention yummy :) I vote for them to start selling sampler sets.

Sweet Little Fruit ftw!

Boiling 8 min or more

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drank Orange by Oaza čaja
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Color of the tea is as rooibos should be. Dark orange. Smells nice – mostly of orange and orange peel.
Mmmmm tastes nice too. Quite refreshing. Orange flavour is just strong enough to blend in nice.
Bit of honey would make it great I think. Or adding something like caramel or vanilla to the blend. Still very drinkable refreshing rooibos tea. I’m just missing a bit of sweetness in this one. Not that I generally like my teas sweetened, this one is just asking for it. I still think it’s better for them to let the buyers sweeten the tea if they want to than for them to blend it in the tea. So thumbs up for this one…

Btw it leaves a very nice orange aftertaste. This could be my favourite rooibos so far…

Boiling 4 min, 15 sec

Cold is even better…

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