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drank Lemon Green by Octavia Tea
4941 tasting notes

Sipdown (103)!

One of the bonus samples from my Octavia tea order, and definitely not one I’d have picked out for myself. Not even close. To get it over and done with, I just cold brewed it.

- VERY strong/intense lemon smell, like lemon extract!
- Green base totally masked in the smell
- Taste wise, this is almost purely intense lemon
- It manages not to venture into “Pledge” or “Peel” territory
- But DAMN it’s strong
- Green base only makes its presence known in the end sip
- Which has a slight vegetal/spinach type flavour to it
- GREAT for lemon fans, but it’s too concentrated for me

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drank Lychee Noir by Octavia Tea
4941 tasting notes

Sipdown (101)!

Had this one in a timolino, and it was pretty good – definitely traveled a little better than I thought it would. I was pretty sure the subtle juiciness of the lychee wouldn’t translate but it did. I still echo my first impression though that this is just a relatively average lychee black. Good, for not exceptional.

Two stories today: One involves a coworker. And one involves Tre…

A couple nights ago me and another coworker were kind of playfully teasing/bantering with this 15 YO cashier named Matthew. He’s actually one of my favourite cashiers because he’s so sarcastic/witty and so am I so we both just kind of constantly play off each other, and it’s entertaining and fun.

So point is we were teasing him because his sideburns are CRAZY PUFFY and we were mocking him saying we could see his sideburns sticking out all the way from Customer Service, which is quiet a distance from the till he was working out. I THOUGHT we were being obviously sarcastic like usual but, uhh, the next day he came to work without sideburns. Welp.

So, I sorta directly influenced a 15YO who was probably super proud of his facial hair to shave it off. Even though I in no way meant to! And honestly, people who know me well know I’m the last person to persuade someone to shave; I have such a thing for facial hair. Every man should be bearded…

And now the Tre story.

I came home from work, and walked into the house – and immediately onto a whole bunch of pieces of lego. Not even getting started on how much it hurt. But, the big dork bought about $300 in Star Wars Lego battleships for himself as a Christmas present, and now there’s Lego literally everywhere in the apartment. Living room floor, kitchen floor, kitchen table…

Getting ready for work in the morning is like navigating a minefield.

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drank Lychee Noir by Octavia Tea
4941 tasting notes

This is my current tea that I brought with for my shift. For whatever reason, it feels like they gave me more leaf in this sample than in any of the others, not that I’m complaining. And yeah, I know I said not too long ago that I was done with Lychee Blacks for a while but if you guys don’t know by now how much of a hypocrite I can be then, well, shame on you? I saw it, and I had to try it.

I’m actually really enjoying it: the lychee is subtle like most lychee blacks seem to be, but it’s still present and I’d say pretty natural/realistic tasting. This is my first Octavia Tea sample with a black base as well, and I’m pretty impressed with the base. It’s obviously not something super high quality but it’s smooth and despite a longer steep time it’s not bitter or astringent.

Overall I’d call this one tasty, but relatively average as far as lychee blacks go.

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Sipdown (106)!

Well, I’d be crazy if I didn’t cold brew at least one of my Octavia Tea samples, right? So here’s the first Octavia Tea cold brew! Dry I couldn’t smell the kiwi at all – just a whole lot of crisp, vegetalness. So, the cucumber most likely? That didn’t seem too promising to me.

But(!) after I strained this I got a whole bouquet of sweet, juicy and slightly tangy kiwi notes. It was the right level of sticky sweet with a little tang to it, and very natural tasting with a very crisp, cool vegetal background and some grassy notes too. I totally, and clearly, got both the Kiwi and the Cucumber aspects of the tea. And while this kinda seems like a weird pair up, it totally works! This is another one I was really impressed with, and would possibly order again come spring/summer!

Glad my initial impression was off.


Oooh want!!

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drank Acai Berry by Octavia Tea
4941 tasting notes

Sipdown (108)!

Balls, why did I write so many jot notes for this one? I’m lazy, and my shifts almost over and I want to catch up on tasting notes so I’m just going to paste them here directly…

- Dry, smells strongly of Acai berries and is just a little tart
- Very juicy and defined Acai berry taste
- Blueberry notes are also subtly present and possibly red currants
- Kinda “jammy”
- But they’re soft
- White base is very soft and has some honeysuckle type notes
- REALLY enjoy this one
- It actually strongly reminds me of DT’s Superberry blend
- Probably a psychological transfer from the comparison of the two but I taste pine…
- Even though it’s junipers which taste like pine
- This is the first tea I’d actually restock for myself!
- I can see why it’s one of their Best Sellers
- Can’t find the hibiscus in this one at all!


I like your notes in little bullet points, not sure why but they make me happy. Also yay to the lack of hibiscus and pine notes

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Sipdown (110)!

Guys, there’s a scavenger hunt in the mall right now for one of the nearby elementary schools so the place is just flooded with adorable little snot babies. And one of the clues on the hunt is to find the name of the “Painter of Light” from the Calendar Club Kiosk (me!). The answer is Thomas Kinkade, but I’ve had cutie pies coming up to me all day asking for help. It’s so precious!

But the tea…

My first “miss” from Octavia Tea. And, it’s not even so much that it’s bad – it’s just really, really weird? Dry, it smells delicious – kind of like “Tropical” flavoured Fruit Rollups? Just yummy, and kinda sweet and candy like. Steeped up, however, there’s something hard to describe about it. I wanted to initially say that it was like low quality, “healthy” Fruit Roll Up equivalents that my Mom used to buy for school lunches ‘cause she couldn’t afford the name brand but that’s a little harsh, and not super accurate either.

More so, I’m picking up one the pineapple/apple really heavily but the pineapple feels a little artificial and then the apple is more of a tart apple, and then more tartness from the rosehips and that’s a whole lot of tart together. However, something is keeping it mostly in check: not the mango, I don’t think, because I don’t so much actually taste mango. I’m thinking maybe the red currants? I would have described it more like a “dull strawberry” but there’s no strawberry in this and strawberry is closer to red currant than mango.

Anyway, there’s a sort of flat sweetness (if that even makes sense) coming from the red currants that mostly counterbalances all the tartness, but just falls short. Wah wah wah. Things “missing” other than the mango: the rose petals (hooray) and the white base in general. Honestly, this felt more like a tisane than anything else. \

So conclusion: a little disappointed, but this was still drinkable overall. Just wouldn’t really drink it again unless, maybe, it was cold brewed…

And that’s it for today guys: I’m practically done my shift and this was the last tasting note I had to catch up on for now. So have a good day Steepster!

See you tomorrow :)


Sounds like a fun time, Ros. Too bad the tea wasn’t better!


Hee! Snot babies. :D

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Sipdown (112)!

Well, I forgot to message my list of tasting note jot notes this morning, so before I struggle to remember what I drank and what I thought about it I’m going to write about the tea I’m currently drinking at work. Bleck; I hate out of order tasting notes, but I’d rather write accurately.

Dry, this visually has a lot of cocoa shells/husks in it as well as tiny shredded bits of what looks like strawberry, and tiny black tea leaves. It smells very much like powdered hot chocolate and maybe a little bit of fruit. Now that it’s steeped up, it’s definitely got a richer chocolate taste and a lovely fruitiness to it that reminds me of that sugary strawberry waffle topping you can get with your Belgian waffles at any kind of breakfast restaurant. Mmm! The “mocha” part isn’t super obvious to me though: I don’t really taste any sort of coffee flavour. As it’s cooled, the fruit has become more apparent.

Took the bus ride to work, but I finally realized that what this is reminding me of is the Strawberry Cacao from Herbal Infusions, but richer/higher quality. Pretty good; plus, this seems to be a much easier company to deal with than HI.

EDIT: I just looked it up and apparently this is raspberry/chocolate – but I definitely tasted strawberry.


OMG, seriously? I noticed Amoda had this on their site and almost ordered it because it sounded good. I’m so delighted to hear that it’s similar to Strawberry Cacao.

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drank Ginger Peach by Octavia Tea
4941 tasting notes

Sipdown (113)!

This is one of three extra samples in my order from Octavia Tea. Honestly, I really did consider adding it to my order but Blood Orange won out in favour because of the lack of ginger in that one. Still, I was happy to see this in the box anyway!

Dry, this smells of solid ginger. Really, we’re talking so much ginger and I’m not just saying that because I’m not a lover of the stuff. And taste wise, as expected, this is heavy handed with the ginger – why wouldn’t it be? I mean, it’s a ginger peach tea with lots of ginger in it: this is not a shocking discovery. But it’s not all ginger: peach notes are present underneath that layer of ginger, especially on the back of the tongue after those first few initial seconds of ginger overload. Don’t gulp this one down. You need to go sip by sip and not rush the cup, otherwise you’ll miss the peach in it!

Worth note: I lost track of time steeping this and it got a couple extra minutes because I was focusing on my cooking and not my tea. This may have contributed some to the ginger imbalance, but not positive on that given the dry smell and generous amount of noticable ginger in the dry leaf. And, despite extra steep time this wasn’t even a bit bitter, so I’m impressed with that.

So overall; despite the fact this leans more heavily to ginger than peach I didn’t mind it no matter how my review seems to sound otherwise. I read this review to my Dad, since I’m writing on my laptop during the drive home and he said “Wow, you really hated it”. I didn’t hate it…

So far I’ve tried two Octavia Teas, and while I haven’t found one I’d reorder I definitely wouldn’t call either of them misses.

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drank Mango Sorbet by Octavia Tea
4941 tasting notes

Sipdown (114)!

So Friday I called in sick to both workplaces; I woke up with a really terrible headache and aching all over – and my tender gum around that back wisdom tooth was the worst it’s been yet. It almost had me whimpering my my tongue just grazed over it – and it’s so hard for it not to.

At first I thought I’d just cut it eating something a little more sharp, but I think if that was true I wouldn’t be in pain at this point. I’ve done as much reading as I can; common causes are food being trapped under the gum, but I’m quite certain this is not the case, “Gumboils” – but I have no visable “boil” on the gum and “Perciconitus” (sp?) which seems most likely as it’s typically associated with the gums around the wisdom teeth and I’m displaying most of the “symptoms” except for the key one: which is pus or blood leaking from the gums around the edge of the tooth. As it is, there’s no visual indicators at all of any kind of infection: just a little puffyness around the tender areas.

I’m mostly really happy my mouth isn’t all pus filled – but part of me wishes it was because then I’d at least have that confirmed and could get the appropriate antibiotics. Ugh. I keep hoping it’ll go away but it’s Sunday now and no such luck. Painkillers and Orajel aren’t cutting it.

But you guys don’t want to hear about my crappy mouth problems: you want to hear about me trying my first Octavia Tea sample which made it to me a few days ago! I’m actually really impressed how quickly it got here: since it was coming from the States to Canada I absolutely expected a longer shipping time than this. And who knows, maybe by the time I’m back in Saskatoon my Whispering Pines order will be waiting for me! Probably not, but it’d be a lovely surprise.

So first things first: Packaging. I’m impressed. Everything that came in my order is samples since this is a totally new company to me whom I have not seen reviews for on Steepster – so no larger quantities in my purchase. But as far as sample go, this have super cute packaging with fun, broughtly coloured labels that are unique to each tea, plus they’re in tiny releasable pouches which is really cool: I hate getting samples that are big enough for more than one cup but come in those wrapper type things that can’t be resealed. Sample sizes are pretty good too: I wish there was a little more white tea since they recommend 1 tbsp. of tea for 12 oz. but there is generally enough tea in each for at least two cups. Only gripe I have is that one side of the pouch is clear so the tea is exposed to light, but for a sample it’s not a huge deal especially since I plan to drink them right away – not hoard them.

Dry, this one smells super fruity and fresh and, to me, comes off distintly mango; not some sort of muddled fruit flavour. Taste wise it was really straight forward: sweet/light and authentic mangoes on a kind of silky white base. I imagine someone pouring the juices left behind from slicing a very ripe mango into a cup of straight white tea. And, this wasn’t even the slightest bit bitter: just very light and summery overall. I’ve only had one other mango white tea, as far as I can remember, DAVIDsTEA’s Mango Madness – and this was better.

I really enjoyed it, more than I expected, but would not personally stock up just because mango is not an everyday fruit for me at all – just a really nice, out of the ordinary treat.

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drank Lime Blossom by Octavia Tea
64 tasting notes

I tried this one night last week. It’s very refreshing , with a fresh lime flavor that isn’t overly tart. It reminds me of something specific that I can’t quite place, which gives me the perfect excuse to have another mugful trying to chase it down! :)

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drank Strawberry by Octavia Tea
64 tasting notes

This would probably be very nice iced. I’m wishing it was a black base instead of a white base, but it’s still nice.

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Trying this one in my new Bodum travel press.

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I picked up a tin of this at our local tea store in the mall. It’s not the very best hojicha I’ve had, but it’s still really good.

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drank Caramel Toffee by Octavia Tea
3217 tasting notes

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drank Caramel Toffee by Octavia Tea
3217 tasting notes

Well, I guess I’ll log this as a sipdown, seeing as there’s none left. Sigh. 937, though. Tidying up my spreadsheet maybe will get me a bit lower than anticipated… (fingers crossed!)

As before, pretty tasty tea, along the lines of other caramel teas, with a nice soft oolong base.

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drank Caramel Toffee by Octavia Tea
3217 tasting notes

Another unlogged yet consumed tea (in fact, I may have drank all of this, and yet have no notes to show for it. Sigh.) I do recall enjoying this one, though not as much as DavidsTea’s Salted Caramel. The oolong base was great, though – I wouldn’t mind more flavoured dark oolongs instead of blacks!

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My mother sent me some teas from this company. Highly unexpected since she usually doesn’t order her own tea, much less ship samples out. Though, I suspect she purchased it locally somewhere and not online. :)

I’ve never had an Octavia tea (that I can recall). I didn’t have particularly high expectations, but it turned out to be a better pu-erh than I expected. It’s not as sweet as some shu puerhs, but it has a pleasant stone, cold earth, and dirt flavor.

I’m used to Pu-er, in general, being able to handle multiple steeps well. This one only gave me two good steeps, imo. I did one 30sec and one 1min for the first two and they were the best.

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drank Passion Fruit by Octavia Tea
564 tasting notes

Sipdown! This is an okay fruit tea but I’m not sure it tastes like passion fruit. It’s pretty tart and definitely tropical, though, so at least it’s somewhere in the area of passion fruit. I’m sure it would be delicious iced, but since it’s another cold day here I’m not going to be trying that out. I’ll just have to drink it and imagine myself somewhere the fruit would grow.

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drank Chocolate Mint by Octavia Tea
22 tasting notes

I got this as a free sample from Octavia Teas. It’s my first time trying roobios and it’s delicious! I’ve never had roobios before so I wasn’t sure what to expect but it tastes like a flavored tea! Lots of delicious notes going on in this tea including chocolate and mint. Maybe a cherry undertone… Anyways, will definitely be ordering more of this in the future since this is something I can enjoy in the evening since it has no caffeine! Yum!

Flavors: Cherry, Chocolate, Mint

Boiling 5 min, 30 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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drank Caramel Toffee by Octavia Tea
345 tasting notes

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No notes yet. Add one?

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 30 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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drank Caramel Toffee by Octavia Tea
1000 tasting notes

I got this in one of my Amoda boxes.
I liked it, pretty tasty!!! It was really caramel, with just a hint of nut. I would have liked to have been able to taste some of the oolong, but it seemed to be buried under the flavors.
This was just a solid caramel dessert tea.


mmm sounds tasty lol




I really liked it – drank the last of it last night. Will be misses, but I need to STOP buying from every interesting new company…

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