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Very, very mouth-watering tasty iced tea that my German friend treated me with while we were sweating in our tiny kitchenette making Japanese dinner for six (which was delicious, that lady is something unique. Although my kitchen is still recovering from it.). She herself went for a flavoured one with honey and lemon as yours truly chose original, since getting molested by sweetness is something that makes my skin crawl with iced teas. Goosebumps during the hottest summer, how nice is that. Serving chilled shouldn’t mean chilling the spine…reeling back on track again..

This one gave what it promised. It really tasted chilled green tea, maybe not sencha but more of a mixture of oolong-ish and jasmin tea, which it apparently had as the main ingredient in it when I checked after a sip. Very full flavor, fills the mouth nicely and stays on tongue, slowly forming more into soft than fresh in its’ aftertaste, and without the sometimes annoying lemon-y tinge that usually always is present in these tea types.

Though I did also take a taste from the honey/lemon mix..

…and the phrase about cats and curiosity is a bad understatement.

That was…something. Maybe it was the honey or they had just used more sweeteners in it beside honey…couldn’t taste the tea through it, no matter how much got it mulled over on tongue. And the used lemon was somehow twisted, not resembling lemon-y flavor on any scale. That was all I got out from it. Sweet like pink unicorns with glitter on them prancing on a rainbow.

As the authoress Dorothy Parker has said: “This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force.”

So if sweetness isn’t your cup of tea, try something else than honey and lemon version. Like the original one.

This product is also a bit confusing when the origins are considered, these cases announced themselves to be Japanese green tea on the labels, but the origing is Thailand and the sites have both japanese and thai influences. And we bought them from Asian market which pretty much had both the mentioned nations covered beside others. Maybe they refer to the ingredients as Japanese, or the company is from Japan and is just based in Thailand, since they also have franchising restaurants on Japanese ramen..

Oh well. It doesn’t affect the taste. I think I found my summer drink.

In October.


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