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Flavors: Almond, Apple Candy, Apricot

165 °F / 73 °C 7 min, 15 sec 2 tsp 23 OZ / 680 ML

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I decided to try this tea to see if I am intersted in exploring Jasmine black teas any further. It is a bagged tea from a company that uses single origin teas handled in an environmentally and socially ethical manner (

The tea itself is not bad, although the base underneath it is a little bit thinner than I would prefer.

It comes as fannings packed in a standard unwrapped stapled teabag packed in foil. It smellls of a slightly powdery but still perfumy Jasmine scent. The tea brews to the colour of a dark bay horse. The brewed scent of jasmine is soft, powdery, and slightly fruity with the tea contributing a berry fruit tone to the scent and maybe a hint of orange. The tea starts out very smooth while feeling very tannic but not astringent by the end of the cup.

The flavour has quite a floral, powdery top note that reference jasmine, easter lilies and a hint of the aftertaste of allspice. Underneath this is a base of blackberry and chocolate with a hint of bitter malt. The tea is relatively mild with a light body. This tea is pleasant if you enjoy a very floral slightly perfumy tea, I enjoyed it enough that I would like to try some other Jasmine blacks and the tea base is smooth enough that I wouldn’t mind exploring other flavoured teas from this company.


this tea has “added jasmine flavour” which results in a tea that tastes like jasmine perfume.
The taste is very far away from tea made with jasmine flowers and I personally found it very disappointing and had to throw the box away.
It could be useful if you want a cheap room scent.

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I bought this on sale, and thought, “Hey, something for my desk at work.” This tea has a pretty full body, making it perfect for chasing away late afternoon sluggishness. I definitely would err on the side of shorter steep time, as it seems to have a high amount of tannins.

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drank Earl Grey by Organic Garden
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This is a great morning tea. Steeping one bag in water and a few teaspoons of succanate and almond milk will give you 2 1/2 cups of deliciousness. Keep the bag in for as long as you wish without making it too strong. I keep a box of it in my desk drawer and it’s so richly aromatic it has made even my pencils smell like Earl Grey!

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