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Yum this is tasty tea! Thank you for the sample Marzipan

I’m not sure I can pick out the individual dried fruits or anything like that, but it is nice and has a faint warm spice note along with the sort of fruity flavor. Anyway, it’s tasty and I will gladly finish my sample but am not rushing out to buy any either. That may not be a reflection on the teas as much as it is a reflection on my lack of enthusiasm for flavored teas of late.


Welcome to the club. Can’t drink flav anymore. Even EG is weird tasting. And I used to love good EG


Send them all to meeeeee!

Lariel of Lórien

Almost got something like that once. Sounds interesting.

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It is not often that I am at a loss for words, but I have had a really difficult time finding a way to describe the way this tea tastes. Forgive me as I muddle through it, ok? It’s not the tea’s fault – it’s my lack of experience with figs and dates and Middle Eastern flavor profiles that make this difficult, but I’m going to do my best.

The tea is very flavorful. I find myself thinking about the tea every time I take a sip, instead of drinking it absent-mindedly and forgetting about it. The flavors pull me back with every drink. It is savory overall, although the natural fruit sweetness pulls it back from being too savory. I almost get a glimpse of a salty note, but it runs away before I can fully tell that it’s there.
Full review and photos: https://tealover.net/2015/06/the-owl-the-pussycat-date-fig-sesame-black-herb/

Liquid Proust

Date fig sounds as appealing as prune tea ___
Glad you enjoyed it though!

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