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drank Coco-lada by Owl's Brew
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Coconut plus pineapple is good.
Coconut plus chai is good.
Coconut plus pineapple plus chai is… weird.

I just can’t get used to the unexpected pineapple at the finish of every sip. It seems like it either needs more spice to balance it out, or something creamy to make it more like a frou-frou pina colada. For what it’s worth, I can’t really taste the tea either. They seem to be aiming this at artisan tea drinkers in the adult beverage market… didn’t tea forte try that once, without much sucess?

I tried it with vodka first, then with peach-pear sparkling water (the only dry, fizzy drink I had, since they also suggest champagne). Next I think I will try mixing it with rum and/or canned coconut milk. Luckily there are only four servings total in the bottle!

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drank Coco-lada by Owl's Brew
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I’m going out for Pride with my friends tonight, so I thought I’d have a drink and try this out before I left. Dear god, this is disgusting. First of all, it’s cloudy and that completely skeeves me out. It seriously looks like a bacterial culture, a little darker than a beaker of LB (luria broth) with an overnight culture of E.coli growing in it. I followed the directions: 2 parts tea-stuff to 1 part alcohol; I went with vodka. Holy crap, will that get you drunk in a hurry! It tastes so thick too (again, reminds me of a liquid rife with bacteria, although I have obviously never tasted that) and is cloyingly sweet. There’s so much going on in this and the taste is so strong, my tongue is crying in a corner of my mouth. JUST. NO. Do yourself a favor and never, ever try this. It’s a shame too because I got this as a gift and now I feel bad for hating it.


Oh dear lord this sounds so terrible, I feel bad for you. But am also giggling incessantly from this tasting note xD


I made myself take 5 sips. It is truly terrible. At least it brought laughter to this world. I should mention, I’m waiting to get picked up. Don’t drink and drive, kids!


Nasty bacteria tea?? I’m laughing


At least with the vodka there was likely no actual bacteria?


No I don’t think there was actual bacteria in it. It just looked like it and felt like it in my mouth shudder

Whispering Pines Tea Company

Kombucha gone wrong! ;)


I wish I’d read this before impulse buying a bottle of it today! I figured it couldn’t be too bad with those normal, wholesome looking ingredients. Now I’m afraid to try it, esp with the recommended ratio. :-(

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