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I (still) really like fruit teas, and this one is really good!
So thanks for the sample, Starfevre — you sent it to the right person. :)

The blend of flavours is very nice — I can pick out the apple and orange, and a bit of tartness that isn’t overpowering (hibiscus, possibly rosehips).
It’s definitely all fruity and heady, though. As I get halfway down the 2-cup mug, I start to want something more earthy in it.

But this is all moot, because if the company is defunct then that’s the end of this particular blend. Too bad for me! :(
I’m glad I have enough to enjoy a few more cups of it.

P.S. two weeks later… I just had a second big mug of this, and man, is it good! I upped the rating from 85 to 90. I wouldn’t always be in the mood for a strictly-fruit infusion, but tonight it seemed like a nice idea. I find it such a good blend of flavours. I don’t know what-all is in there, but it’s complex and nicely-balanced and it hits me just the right way. I only wish I could get more of this stuff! (I do have enough for a few more cups, though, thanks again to Starfevre.)

Boiling 8 min or more

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Fruit juice again. I used to like this tea a lot, but now I get tired of fruit juice teas. I prefer my tea to taste like tea nowadays. This is fairly old, but doesn’t seem to have lost much flavour. Good, just not feeling it today.

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

I hear you! I used to think I looooooved fruity, juicy teas, but now I almost never choose to drink them. They just don’t interest me; I want tea flavour! Honeybush and rooibos seem to be fine for me as well, but just fruit? Yeah, not so much.

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