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drank Revenant by Pelican Tea
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I like it! These habanero infused teas from Pelican Tea frightened me at first because I was worried I might be a bit too wimpish for the heat, but, while they are WARM (and by warm I mean that there’s a really WARM heat that builds in the back of your mouth and down the throat … it’s hot but it’s a really good kind of ah-cha-cha kind of heat) and while these are warm the heat doesn’t overpower the other flavors and there’s an intriguing balance of flavors that kept me sipping. I liked it … these are different, truly unique and I like.

Spicy, and a nice roasty-toasty note from toasted rice and the Se Chung Oolong. A little bit smoky and I like the way the smoke and the toasty notes meld with the spice from the pepper. And then the mint comes through and it adds this little bit of cool to contrast with the heat. Nice!

Really, you gotta try these teas from Pelican! Here’s my full-length review:

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drank Cumulus by Pelican Tea
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I love the dry leaf aroma of this tea, it is warm and spicy from the cinnamon and habanero, and there is a crisp, minty note from the peppermint. There is also a fruity note that I detect … which at first I thought that might be from the green tea, but, I don’t think I’ve ever smelled a fruity note in a gunpowder green … so perhaps the fruitiness comes from the habanero also (peppers are berries, after all).

A really tasty tea. So far, I’ve tried two teas from Pelican Tea and I’ve enjoyed both. The habanero is a little intimidating when I read the label, but once I’m able to get past that and actually taste the tea, I’m very delighted with it.

A very harmonious cup. The spice notes meld beautifully with the cooling peppermint. A good balance without competition for attention.

Here’s my full-length review:

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drank Firewater by Pelican Tea
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I have to admit that I was a little afraid of this tea. I like spicy flavors, but, habanero? The spiciest pepper that I generally deal with, culinarily speaking, is the Jalapeno, although on a rare occasion, I might pick up a habanero, roast it, and then dice it fine and mix it with crushed pineapple to make a syrup to top ice cream. Quite a yummy ice cream topping, but, I’m still just a wee bit afraid of habanero because while it can be quite good when handled correctly, it can also be way too hot when it’s overdone.

And this quote from the Pelican Tea website: “Exceptionally Spicy, Habanero Infused” didn’t do a whole lot to assuage my fears.

But I decided to be bold and daring and try it.

And YUM!

Yes … spicy. Yes. Yes it is. And it burns … but in a very good way.

Read more about my thoughts of this tea here:


Love the spice! And the heat no meal is complete without Tabasco!


I’m intrigued. I love spicy things, too!


Oh, I love spice … but, habanero … is a bit daring for me. Spicy for me is usually Jalapeno or Chipotle. Although I do put some cayenne in my chili. But, when I see the word “habanero” I kind of … wince and think “oh no, it might be too spicy!” But this was really quite good.


I am so allergic to habanero. I love the flavor and the heat but turn instantly bright red faced. Jalapeno makes me crawl all over (doesn’t stop me from loving them) I brought all this on myself by overdoing it in cheese dip a few years ago. Before that dip I ate them all the time. Stupid allergies.


@KS – bummer! I can’t really relate, because I don’t have any serious food allergies like that. But I feel for you, it can’t be easy to have to limit yourself like that. :(

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drank Cockatiel's Tea by Pelican Tea
1271 tasting notes

Now, this is a ginger tea with a kick! Cockatiel’s tea has that ginger ale like flavor, the kind with a moderate blast of heat to it, just how I like my ginger ale!

The white peony tea here is fresh, and sips in sweet and floral, with the ginger burn finishing off each sip, burning down the throat. The ginger is not bitter, and the heat mostly comes from the habanero infused white tea than the ginger.

Wish I had more to try this tea iced – I can see Cockatiel’s tea making a great ginger iced tea!

Full review on my blog, The Oolong Owl

175 °F / 79 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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drank Tentacle Tea by Pelican Tea
1271 tasting notes

Do you like HOT SPICY in your tea? Pelican tea is where it’s at folks with their line up of Habanero Infused teas! Tentacle tea a pu’er blend with a “moderate” heat, though I’d give this a 6 or 7/10 (as a spicy food eater) on heat.

Tentacle tea has a lot going on, like a flailing octopus. The tea smells like cinnamon in an apple cider. Fresh lemon flavor, cooling peppermint, nice earthly pu’er base. The habanero adds a clean heat, without any tart or bitterness.

Later infusions the cinnamon comes out – so it’s like an pu’er citrus cider with a peep of heat.

Overall, I’m very impressed how fresh the flavors are in this tea. It’s a lot going on, but this be the perfect tea to have when one has a cold.

Full review on my blog The Oolong Owl Octopi show!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 6 OZ / 177 ML

Sounds totally unique

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