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drank Nilgiri by Premier's Tea
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Round 2 at Hotel Amalia Olympia in Greece. Fight. I do not have high hopes for this tea but my spirits will not be dampened. Though they definitely could be. One of the couples, nice Australian couple, tested positive for Covid. They will remain in their hotel room till the next Wed, missing out on the rest of the tour and part of the islands. Edit. Come to find out later that they just went home after being released from the room. No one else caught it in the group that we were aware of. Anyway. This tea is somewhat woody in aroma. The liquor is umber. Clear but so dark. The flavor is reminiscent of upturned earth and woods. But it is lackluster. A bit of briskness but nothing special.

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Our hotel in Olympia, Greece was very unique. A small entrance opened to a vast, welcoming lobby. Sparse decorations of replicas of ancient Greek pottery and statues dotted the interior. Kind of a mystical place. Except for the tea. Pretty sure this tea was swept off the floor. The smell of the bag is mechanical. If tea dust had a smell this would be the defining aroma. Oh and cardboard. Worse than CTC. At least the leaves are actually green, from what I can see after opening the bag. Army green and dull… but sill green. But this is where the pleasantries stop. This is a cup of NOPE. Hay. Then cardboard. hen bitterness. Abysmal. Dull. I couldn’t finish the cup. Going to try their Nilgiri to see if that’s palatable.


I am loving your tea-travelogue! The hotel sounds delicious even if the tea wasn’t.

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Similar to M&S’s English Breakfast I tasted earlier, very strong and a bit bitter. Drinkable with milk and sugar, but nothing very special.

Boiling 2 min, 45 sec

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