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drank Cinnamon Chai by Pur Coco
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This was much better than the Matcha flavour I also tried; still very sweet and distinct taste of coconut milk but the cinnamon was also really pleasant and complemented quite well. Oddly, it reminded me a bit of a cinnamon heavy “Apple Pie” type of flavour? Or some other type of pasty. Love the combo w/ the coconut milk and this one I’d actually buy again.

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drank Matcha Tea by Pur Coco
13086 tasting notes

Another new RTD option that I found at the grocery store; not specifically a tea company (they focus on coconut milk lattes) but they had two tea inspired flavours so I picked those ones up…

This was awful though; maybe the worst RTD beverage I’ve had all year!? I wanted to like it so much because I adore coconut milk and that seemed like such a great base for a matcha latte but it tasted like coconut milk and dirt and the colour of the drink was brown – which should tell you all you need to know about a matcha latte.


Yuck. It doesn’t seem that these RTD alternatives are very good, though I’m impressed by how many your grocery store stocks.

Roswell Strange

I think, when trying them, it’s important to keep in mind that in a direct comparison w/ a LLT version of the same tea that they’re probably always going to be worse – but there’s a different goal/purpose in mind when they’re crafted so I try to always view them with the mindset of “For an RTD offering, is this good?” instead of “Generally speaking, is this good?” and that usually helps me manage my expectations.

As for the variety my grocery store carries, I think I’m fortunate to not only be living next to four grocery stores within a five block radius of my house (including an Asian grocery store), but also in a city with a very diverse and high amount of “food exploration” so I have a TON of nearby options across a really wide level of diversity.

Martin Bednář

Like… just as I read it, not for tea :D

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