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3rd cup of this in 3 days. It’s old but still kickin’! Still a strong and bold Assam!


The name of this tea company cracks me up :)


LOL – I hear ya! :)
I chuckled too!

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I really thought I logged this one already! Oops! I’m backlogging so not a full review but THANKS Liberteas! Will drink again soon! A Good one!

Tina S.

Was it actually the best assam? I couldn’t resist asking!


teehee…It was good but I have others I like better :)

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drank Best Assam Tea by Purvi Discovery
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I received a sampling of this tea as a reviewer for the Tea Review Blog.

The dry leaf is very pebble-y – like grains of sand in size, and dark, chocolate-y brown in color. It possesses a vibrant aroma – with deep earthy notes and a baked bread smell and even a distant flowery note. It smells… well, like Assam tea!

The flavor is malty – perhaps one of the maltiest Assam teas that I’ve encountered, with a strong astringency that has a clean, drying effect on the mouth. I steeped it for just 3 minutes but I’m tasting no bitterness. It has a deep baked flavor and a chewy texture. This tea has got some tooth! There is a honey-caramel sweetness to it too. It’s really delicious.

An excellent way to wake up!

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

I’ve never tried anything from this company either!!


This is actually not so much a company as it is a vacation location! I don’t see anyplace where you can actually order the tea on the website!


Ahhhh! I see!

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