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I have to say that I haven’t reviewed any bottled teas before and rarely drink them. However, I have recently become addicted to kombucha. It has an interesting flavor that I can’t really describe. Someone else told me they thought it tasted like a soda pop for adults. There is a little almost a vinegar-y or cider-y taste. There are lots of different flavors and have enjoyed them all.

This tea is made with the kombucha mushroom and is fermented so it has lots of good probiotics. Yummy and good for you.

The important thing to remember is … DON’T SHAKE IT! It looks like a juice and has bits of stuff floating around. It looks like it is just asking to be shaken. But it is lightly carbonated. The first time I had it was in the car… saw stuff floating around.. gave a good shake … opened it… foam spewing out all over my hands, lap, car seat, steering wheel…ahhhhhhh!

It’s expensive… about $3.50 a 16 oz. bottle, but I have really been enjoying it. So for me it’s worth it. There are some calories between 35-50 per 8 oz. depending on the flavors/brands. That is my limiting factor. So I can’t have more than one every day or two. Otherwise I think I would be totally pigging out on this.

Flavors: Astringent, Ginger, Lemon, Raspberry


I am a fan of kombucha too!


I have been making something very similar called water kefir. My last batch was in a tight swing top bottle and when I went to burp it….WHOOSH! Foam and fizz everywhere! I find it easier to make than kombucha and the taste and benefits are quite similar. It adds a little excitement to life when it is time to burp the bottles on the second ferment!

Sami Kelsh

I’ve been making water kefir for a couple weeks too, ashmanra! I really like it with a couple of dried cherries thrown in – like weirdly pleasant, mildly fizzy cider. When I tried kombucha a few years ago it was rather too full-on for me, but maybe I could be persuaded to give it another go?

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