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This is the best one from Remedy yet – basically tasted like a mojito in kombucha form with a splash of lemon and how can you go wrong with that!?

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drank Peach by Remedy Kombucha
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Haven’t had the motivation lately to get another batch of kombucha going, so grabbed a few more from the market to keep myself stocked up – including some other flavours from Remedy that I hadn’t tried yet.

I wasn’t super impressed with this company based on the first two flavours that I tried but I thought that these ones were a slight step up. This was definitely pretty peachy and it did have some of that “kombucha funk” that I love so much – but it wasn’t reinventing the wheel or anything. A perfectly fine peach flavoured kombucha but nothing that would make me excited at all.

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This is the other flavour I tried from Remedy, and I had a similar experience to the Raspberry Lemonade flavour where it did taste delicious but not necessarily like kombucha. In this case, it was more like having a nice and spicy, crisp ginger beer with a hint of lemon juice added to it. Liked the flavour and would drink again, but missing the “kombucha factor” I want…

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My local grocery store seems to be stocking some of this brand’s flavours now, so I grabbed the two they were carrying in smaller bottles (200ml) to try out before deciding if the bigger bottles were worth getting…

The thing is, I liked this. However, it really just felt like a fizzy lemonade with a hint of raspberry more than any type of kombucha. I could easily drink a bigger size of this and it would be delicious, but when I buy a kombucha I want it to taste like whatever they’ve flavoured it as and like kombucha. I want the acidic, vinegar-y bite.

So, not sure how I feel about this one overall.

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