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Sipped on late last week.

Unlike the other Applevania tea I ordered, this one was much more what I was expecting. Very sweet “red hot” style cinnamon/cassia flavour with accents of apple. Not very complex or unusual/out of the box in terms of blending, but deliciously predictable and consistent. Made for a relaxing cup on a chillier afternoon.

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drank Applevania by Retro Leaf Tea
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I picked up this tea, and two others, recently because I wanted more “nerdy” themed teas in my cupboard to have as options for the Podcast I’m doing with my friend Marika. I talked a bit about the podcast in a prior tasting note, and I will eventually post a discussion topic with more information – but I want to wait until Steepster is more stable to do so…

Anyway, I’m not sure why exactly I assumed that this would be more of a green apple type of flavour profile but it’s definitely not. I mean, it is very apple forward but it’s more of a cozy, warm and inviting baked apple than a crisp/fresh apple profile. That’s probably for the best, that baked apple flavour works a lot more with the nutty notes of the TKY oolong base in the blend. It’s super simple overall, as a blend, but I enjoyed it and the quirky name and nerdy reference to Castlevania only make it better.

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