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I must admit to appreciating this tea more than I first thought. It has become a tea I turn to when I want a nice classic robust cup of tea. It has great fruit and malt tones, with brown sugar and a complex mix of spices without that lemony or sweet potato tones of some Ceylon’s. There is something thick and satisfying in its texture and it has a potent dose of caffeine, my fingers are buzzing!

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The pretty mahogany coloured broth of this tea yields a tea that has a good dose of malt and biscuit, joined with plum, a light floral spice and a tone that is slightly nutty in scent.

The tea has a distinctly fruity top note full of a prune and raisin note, with a biscuit and nutty tone dividing it from the bitter tones of malt underneath. There is a floral tone apparent if you allow the tea to aerate in your mouth. To strengthen the fruity tones, keep steeping times shorter such as under 2:45. Brewed at under 95°C the tea is mildly astringent. In general, a nice robust classical tea but not as smooth or as sweet as some of the ceylons I have had.

This tea is from one of the local companies I know of that specialise in Ceylons. They produce this tea from a single tea source ( which I take to mean as an estate or region). They also produce green teas, flavoured blacks, and some interesting new cultivars of white tea ( in their exotic tea range). http://rhinoteas.com/shop/.

The tea comes in a great double lidded canister. The tea can be found at several independent grocery stores in Mississauga and they also have a retail outlet near Bloor and Dixie.

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