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reviewed Cast Iron Tea Pot by Rikyu
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I love this little teapot. It was purchased from Amazon and comes with a cast iron teapot, trivet, and two teacups. Due to the relatively small size (16oz), it is a good size for single-person use allowing for small glasses to be poured while keeping the remainder warm (I like to sip & savor). The small size is perfect for me.

Excellent pour with little to no drips!

The teapot retains heat quite well and care should be taken not to touch the outside of the pot or lid while pouring. Since the outside of the pot gets warm, I always use the trivet (which has rubber feet) to protect my counter/table. The cast iron teacups look charming, but they can get quite hot, so I rarely use them. However, sometimes on a cold day, it is nice to use the cast iron teacup to warm my hands.

Because it is cast iron, care needs to be taken to avoid rust. I always rinse the inside of the pot and quickly dry any water/tea that gets on the cast iron. The inside is enameled, so there is some protection, but the outside exposed cast iron is vulnerable.

Sometimes I use the tea pot to keep water warm while brewing in a gaiwan (multiple steeps). Note: the teapot is not a kettle and should not be used on a direct flame to heat water.

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