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Marco Polo TTB

Freakin boyfriend is such a creep oh my gosh (but he’s fab and it was quite funny ahhah).
So he knows that jump62359 is my everything and he decided to google that and STEEPSTER CAME UP AND HE SAW MY POST OF HAVING TO MEE IN TRAFFIC AHHAHAH
EJ if you’re reading this then hi.

But seriously though. Steepster is fab and I love it tons, but because of my busy schedule, I almost never have time for tea? Tonight is special bc I have things that need to be done and I figured this would be a great tea bc honeybush <33 Roommates were actually very surprised that I was drinking tea like a ‘normal person’ because I didn’t weigh my tea out since I couldn’t find my scale haha. So a couple scoops of this into a disposable filter, and I just topped it off with water.

Lovely tea, proportions are off though since I didn’t weigh it or measure the water because laziness. I have one more serving of this tea left and I’ll make sure to drink it right next time :)

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Lewis & Clark Traveling Teabox – Tea #23
A green tea here with lemon and ginger. Not too much flavor for me, Maybe I waited too long to cool the water. Hints of lemon and ginger. It reminded me of a soda like 7up or something though! Or maybe that mixed with ginger ale. Refreshing and light… much like an ocean breeze actually.
Steep #1 // 30 min after boiling // 3 min

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Lewis & Clark Traveling Teabox – Tea #5
First tasting note for this one?! Intriguing list of ingredients! Banana, mango, cranberry, cinnamon, chamomile (that looks like to me like roman chamomile which is my FAVORITE.) The scent of the steeped tea is lovely and fruity. The black tea is the perfect strength to showcase these flavors. I notice the ripe authentic banana first, then ripe authentic mango is there (including, I swear, the starchiness!), then there are hints of cranberry. I don’t think all of those ingredients were even the infuser… I don’t think any cinnamon made it to my infuser either. Then there is a sweetness that reminds me of vanilla. The only way this blend could be improved is if there were actual vanilla. Banana and mango tea fans, try this one! Juicy fruity magic! The second steep was a little odd but the steep time might have been too long OR it was because I let the leaves sit overnight. This is going on my wishlist.
Steep #1 // few min after boiling // 4 min
Steep #2 // just boiled // 4+min

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This is really good! There are giant pieces of fruit in this and I actually ate them after I got done steeping them (don’t judge me lol). I love tropical flavors so this is right up my ally, it’s a mixture of dates/banana/coconut flavor and I used about 3-4 tsps for 12 ounces of water and steeped for about 10-15 minutes, and it’s very strongly flavored. I am going to need some more of this ASAP I wish I would have ordered more of it!! I can’t wait to try the other teas I ordered from River Teas.

carol who

I’m glad to see that some one else eats the yummy bits after steeping. I’m thinking of putting some into a cake batter or something. I’ll let you know how that goes:)


Ok sounds good! I don’t do that often but these were gigantic! Lol

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