Roland's (imported from China)

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This is a loose leaf tea
The tin is 2 1/2 oz from the Roland Food corp. $2.50
NY NY10018
Product of Hong Kong
Natural Cherry Flavor
It smells like a Ludens cherry cough drop.
Cute tin.
Tea was not strong.

9/18/12 – I brewed some at work, 1/2 cup. It came out stronger this time. I’m going to bring it back to home so I can brew it cold. My mom like cherry liquor so lets see if this can complement the liquor she has.

9/20/12 Made small pitcher overnight, tastes like cherry coke without fizz.

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One of those semi-generic fancy teas you can get if you have access to restaurant food distributers. Strong, black, tends toward bitter if you leave it too long, but that makes it a really good iced tea, and means it holds up to milk and sugar if you drink it hot. Like a lot of these flavored teas, the cherry is more of a scent than a taste, but it’s a really nice scent.

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