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drank Green tea by Royal Copenhagen
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Royal Copenhagen – I HATE YOU dammit!!!
How dare you make so adorable cute and practical airtight tea tins and fill them with AWESOME mindblowing tea? I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.

I especially hate the fact that you don’t write what company that blends your tea, I hate that you don’t sell your tea on the internet (like all other sane and practical companies does) and the fact that the three tins of tea I bought from you were so awesome that I need to stockpile it NOW. I hate that you sell your (just about under) 2 oz tea to 59 kr. (10 USD) -do you want my bank to blacklist me?

This tea is AWESOME.
NO, it’s… above awesome. I’ve tried green tea of all kinds blended with all kind of fruit and cream, and honey and… (the list is too long) So what the hell is this!? This is not tea, this is a piece of paradise. Last I heard, paradise was forbidden for mere humans like us so what is this!?

I never smelled so sweet a green tea like this.
The quality of the leafs are ridicules considering the taste. They are even – yes, but they look as is a little child has been sitting for hours measuring the sizes and clipping them to even bits. Some leafs are darker than than others. After steeping the water takes a yellow shade. Nothing more! And I had to steeped a little longer because it confused me. All in all – íf I had to judge this tea out of apperance this would get a C.

All the annoyance dissappeared when I took the first sip.
I never tasted anything like this! It’s sweet at first but as I swallow it, it… tickles. What is that? it’s… bitter but not bitter. It’s nutty but not nutty.

I can’t find the word for what it is, but I can tell you what it isn’t.
It’s not too grassy, bitter, or seaweedlike.

My vocabulary fails me. I can’t even describe it in danish or greenlandic.

I give up. It’s just Awesome okay?


I noticed you are from Greenland – how cool is that!
Unfortunately, I bet shipping tea is expensive!
My wife and I got curious and looked up Nuuk on Wikipedia; sounds like it might be a nice, quiet place to live.
So are English/Danish the main languages there?


Yes, it’s very cool :)
The shipping is expensive… I try to buy my tea when I am in Denmark because the only tea available in Nuuk are Kusmi tea and Lipton. (As you can imagine, I am getting a little bored by those.) Nuuk is the capital of Greenland but only 16 000 lives here and people are amazed by the fact that you can see the whole town in one day (really just 15 min. with bus from one side of the town to the other.) I have to hop on a ship or a plane if I want to get to another city – no roads. If you have google earth you can see how small it is – it’s tiny! And that’s Greenlands largest city.

The main language of Greenland is greenlandic (a sort of inutitut) danish and english. We learn all of them in school, greenlandic and danish from kindergarden and english in 4. grade. Some are better than others ;)


Wow! I didn’t know much of anything about Greenland until now. Sounds like an interesting, fun, very unique place to live. Difficult for some things, but you get to live in a country that has little polution probably, lots of space, and you get to learn 3 languages!

Have you been to any other towns across the country? Seems like it would be difficult/not worth it to travel very far (within the country).


I haven’t been on to many towns in Greenland.
As you said – it’s difficult and costly. I’ve been in small towns in the Nuuk area and in a few towns having a small refuelstop with airplanes. Maniitsoq is not far from here, but all I ever saw was the airport :)

Hmm… I haven’t been on the other side and I don’t really have the urge to.
I have a few friends from there and they tell me that there isn’t much to do over there. I am not the type who needs café and citylife all the time, but until I learn how to fish and kayak I’ll stall with the outdoor life ;)

(- unless I could go north and try the dogsleds!)

Do you live somewhere warm? I’ve been in italy and the heat was killing me.
People might think our country is unique – but I can’t imagine living a place where no snow falls in the winter.


I live in Southern California currently. It is almost always warm, as you probably know. (But I grew up in Colorado, which has 4 seasons). For me, it’s hard to imagine living in a place that doesn’t usually get warmer than 15 celsius!


California – that’s awesome. You live in a very different enviroment than me!

Many greenlanders will tell you that they freeze more in Denmark than in Greenland because of the humidity. (among them – me! It’s so cooold!)
We have very stable weather, no floods and stuff.We have very stormy winters, but as we say here:“There are no bad weather – only bad clothing” ;)


LOL – that is an awesome phrase, “There is no bad weather….”
I will remember that. I suppose that most of the time, you can’t be surprised by the weather. so I would guess that stable cold is much better than huge fluctuations where you can never predict what you will get next!

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drank Darjeeling by Royal Copenhagen
93 tasting notes


Round, nutty and… darjeeling. Everyone talks about it, and now I know why.
Maybe I evolved. Suddenly clean tea taste good. This tea does!

Two tea I disliked are now on my fave’ list.
It’ awesome. Can’t figure out if this darjeeling is black or green.
The leafs are black, but the liqour is yellowish. Second steep is lovely. It’s like a dessert after the first steep. A little sweeter and smoother than the first. Maybe even better than 1 steep.


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drank Earl Grey by Royal Copenhagen
93 tasting notes

One of the guys requested a tea with rum. (He had a cold)
Had to find one of my books about tea to find out what tea is good with rum, and the book from Perch had a recipe on a drink with earl grey and rum – thus the choice of this tea.

I was a bit too generous with the rum 1/6 part so the first cup was too bitter.
Then I made two cups more for me and another friend (we got curious) and made a 1/8 rum and earl grey blend. With honey.

May I say YUMM? Oh, yum. YUM.
Next time I host a party TeaRum will be on the table!


hmmm..earl grey and rum- that’s a combo…!


It is :)


oh man, you saddled the sick guy with the failure? So sad!


LOL no I switched the cups, so the sick guy got the 1/8 blend.
Couldn’t dream of serving bad tea (rum or not) to my guest.

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drank Earl Grey by Royal Copenhagen
93 tasting notes

I found it! THE Earl Grey of my dreams!

It’s just awesome. Smooth as hell and the perfect balance of bergamont flavor and black tea. It has a “clean” taste to it, like mint, and NO bitterness at all! Not even when I forgot the mug and let it steep a while to long.

AWESOME.- Maybe it’s not a earl grey you guys would like (We all got our own taste) but this is the earl grey I have been searching for. My Atlantis, the tea I HATED because I never found one that suited my taste.

I can’t find a picture to this tea, but I will! The tin was the whole reason I bought this tea (I almost gave up on Earl Grey). I don’t know if you know “Royal Copenhagen” but they make some awesome porcelain stuff. This tin can has some traditional blue flowers painted on and it’s airtight!

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