Sabbathday Lake Shakers

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This scared the bejesus out of me when I opened the tin. A friend who summers in Maine got three of these Shaker teas for my birthday in August. I hadn’t opened them until now, because they were all herbals, which I don’t drink a ton of.

The leaves were packed very tightly in the tin, and were almost molded together and very dusty. I thought this might be completely expired or something, but I decided to forge ahead and make a pot.

This is actually really, really tasty. It has a very pure raspberry flavor that’s so refreshing after so many raspberry teas flavored with that chemical, catch-all berry flavor. And a great aftertaste of fresh raspberries.

I may go through this tin very quickly after not opening it for 6 months..


Oooh! This looks interesting and yummy!


Sounds good- their name is cute too!


I was just thinking the same thing rabbysmom!

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