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Small break. ^^

I love this thing. I have quite a few kettles and well, I had to buy a super safe one because I have 4 kitties (Chi, Fushi, Kage Kun, Pachinko). Wild little monsters. hehe All four were either feral and/or dumped by their owner. One took 2 years for me to pet her, and she’s still sketchy, poor baby. Someone broke her tail and hurt her (grrr). Long story. Anyway, they jump on everything and rub up against everything…

So this kettle was the perfect answer. It was even knocked down once and it was full, it spilled like a tablespoon. Quick boil button, 8 temperature settings, a 4-hour warmer, 7+ cup capacity and the most important factor for me for the safety of my furkids: Cool Touch exterior even when boiling. Oh, one thing, when it boils… It’s LOUD but it’s fast, so then it gets quiet.

End of my commercial. ^^

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