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Sometimes when I drink tea, I buy and drink a tea for a purpose, or in remembrance of something. I was reflecting on a tea review I posted almost 5 years ago, in remembrance of my dog Lotis. I think it’s a good review, & you can read it if you choose.

Lotis, my 12 year old Lhasa Apso, wandered off a year ago today on Super Bowl Sunday—Super Bowl L, 02-07-2016. He was only outside about 5 minutes, before we checked on him, and he was nowhere to be seen. He had back issues and never wandered off. We let him out front, (it was easier for him) and he always came back—until that one time a year ago. It was so hard not getting to say goodbye to him! I still miss him dearly!!

I wanted to find a tea to drink in remembrance of him, so I ordered Serenity Tea Sips: LOTUS TEA. A Vietnamese green tea scented with fragrant Lotus Blossoms. Early this afternoon, I enjoyed a couple cups of this tea. The dry leaves are young, tender, and well twisted. The dry leaf aroma had such a creamy sweetness, with a flowery aroma of star anise-which I attribute to the Lotus flower. Star anise has similar aromatic qualities to—and reminds me of—licorice. The wet leaves when steeping are very aromatic—even more creamy, with a calming star anise/licorice aroma! :D

Cup color is medium yellow, with cup aromas like those of the wet leaves. Not as intense, but very creamy with noticeable sweetness of the star anise-which I feel is akin to licorice, and pleasant nutty nuances. In my mouth there is definite creamy sweetness. Upon inhaling oxygen (which brings forth & further intensifies flavors), I taste the sweet anise/licorice on my palate. This is very relaxing, enjoyable, & delicious!! :-) Flavors are medium in strength, with a similar mouthfeel. Light nutty characteristics are present on the back of my tongue, and upon swallowing. Through it all I continue to savor the anise/licorice flavors, and these flavors stay with me for quite a while. :-) The flowery Lotus qualities are gentle, yet satisfying & flavorful, and not at all cloying.

I added dry leaves to the wet steeped leaves for a delicious second cup: roughly 1 tsp., at 180 degrees, for 2.5 minutes. Second cup steeping aromas & wet leaf aromas were similar but fuller than those of the first cup. Ditto for cup color and aromas. The biggest differences arose in flavors and mouthfeel. Flavors on my palate were still medium in nature; the anise-like flavor of the lotus flower—-as well as the creamy quality—-are slightly deeper, and so is the nutty aspect of the tea. The nutty quality morphed into astringency, which was slightly more than gentle, but not offensive—and this astringency did not distract me from my overall enjoyment of this Lotus tea. :-)

This Lotus Tea from Serenity Tea Sips is very enjoyable and well worth my time! This was the perfect tea to remember my dear dog and friend Lotis! I am so glad we rescued him on that April Fools Day in 2006—no joke!. :-D For nearly ten years, I know I gave him a better life filled with Love & Happiness! I know that HE knew he was loved—and in his way, he returned that love and filled my heart with Happiness & Joy! :-D

Cupped & Reviewed: Tuesday, February 7, 2017.

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 15 sec 1 tsp 9 OZ / 266 ML

Precious memories.


Sounds like a really nice tea.
So sorry to hear about your dog. I’d read about him in some of your past reviews.

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I received my small tea order from a “new for me” vendor: Serenity Tea Sips. I quickly received my order (on January 20th) through Amazon, but it was shipped promptly from the company in Texas. :-) I only ordered one tea which I will review in a few days, but I was very happily surprised to see two generous tea samples of at least one ounce each, packaged to keep the tea fresh when not in use.

I’ve only tried black lychee tea from Stash Tea many years ago, which I really enjoyed, so Green Lychee tea seemed like an interesting combination. Upon opening the bag, I could smell the sweetness of the lychee, and the dry leaf about equally. The aroma was very pleasing, and suddenly I realized how I had missed lychee flavored tea. I was trying to determine the possible green tea used in the blend, but couldn’t. Wet leaves were more aromatic, and the lychee was more noticeable than the green tea. Lychee has it’s own unique aroma, but what did the lychee aroma compare to? Maybe nothing. Cup aroma was very sweet with a nice discernible green tea aroma.

As I was sipping the tea, the tea base came to me. The green leaf looked & tasted like a Chun Mee tea, which I haven’t sipped in a very long time, but remembered fondly. Chun Mee is a very good, pleasant tasting green that from memory was very forgiving when steeping. Yes—very tasty, light to medium mouth feel, with a non bitter quality that makes it delicious and drinkable. :-) Taste seemed lighter than I had hoped, and the lychee was quite noticeable without masking the tea.

I decided to add more dry leaf to the existing steeped leaves for a second cup; water 195 degrees, & steeped 3:45 minutes. Smelling the wet & dry leaves together in my brew basket, the lychee possessed sweet spearmint qualities! I was very surprised, and I think the green tea base lent to that aromatic quality somehow! :-) The lychee aroma in a china black tea base is quite different for sure. Cup color is much darker & the aromas from the cup are more noticeable—a balanced green tea, fruity combination. Mouthfeel is definitely medium now. The green tea so satisfying—clinging to my palate, while the lychee follows with a mild “minty” sweetness. After swallowing, the tea flavor stays on my palate and tongue (at the back of my throat), and even the lychee flavoring, gives a final bow, leaving me completely satisfied.

Green Lychee is a really nice, pleasant, & well blended tea. I really savor the lychee flavor, and the tea base is just right and not bitter (to me), even when drinking the second cup. The flavors work so well together. Thanks to Serenity Tea Sips for this generous sample, and a great first time tea experience. I am really looking forward to the rest of my tea! :-)

Cupped & Reviewed: Thursday, February 2, 2017.

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 30 sec 3 g 9 OZ / 266 ML

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