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I just got my first box! I was really curious for awhile, after seeing ads on instagram and different youtube videos. Haha, I tried to an unboxing video on it, and discovered that I have no stamina for talking for long periods of time, and also no idea how to project my voice, look at the camera or just talk into thin air. In short I’m a terrible orator, I haven’t decided if I actually want to upload it yet.

My first box:
Pumpkin spice Black by Davidsons Organics
Organic Assam by Mana teas
Calm by TeaPigs
Organic Chinese White by Made of Tea

I’m really only excited by the Calm tea, but I’ll try the other ones, I guess.
I’m really liking the muslin/paper tea bags they give you with loose leaf teas. I’ll use my gravity steeper at home, but they’ll be good for travel, much appreciated.


Nice, I got three out of these four over the past couple months!


Welcome to the tea-fam! If you ever post your unboxing vid, we’d love to see it. If you ever have any questions please email us at [email protected]
-Breezy, TEA-m Sips by

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Oh neat, I didn’t realize we were reviewing tea subscriptions, too!

So, I discovered this on Instagram and was immediately fascinated. I’ve been subscribed for six months now and I am still really happy with it. It’s $15 a month, and you get about 4 cups’ worth (usually a little more) of 4 different teas based on your personal tastes. The quiz you take when you sign up is really detailed and lets you eliminate all kinds of teas or flavors you know you don’t like. So far, I have liked almost everything they’ve sent.

My only issue is that they send paper filters for loose leaf and I don’t need them. I have several reusable infusers. There’s no way to opt out, unfortunately, and I’d feel bad throwing them away, so I don’t know what to do. They’re piling up.

Other than that, this is rad. I’ve discovered so many new tea companies and the discounts you get for being a subscriber are amazing.


Hi Tabby! We’re so happy you have enjoyed us so far! If you ever wish to stop receiving teabags, simply email us at [email protected] and we can make a note to remove those from your box. While they are reusable, we appreciate you saving the planet even more with your personal infusers. Happy steeping!
-Breezy, TEA-m Sips by

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