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A friend of mine is VERY into coffee (http://lesvieuxtrottoirs.com/) and recently brought some of this very interesting “tea” back from London. Since I’m more of a tea lady, I asked if I could try some and he gave me some to bring home and try.

This is backlogging, and will have a cup later to give you more up-to-date thoughts.

So anyway, this “tea” is made from the dried fruit of the coffee cherry. For more information see the tea description. It’s highly caffeinated (surprise surprise) and it’s really quite interesting.

Dried, it does smell like a mixture between cherry and licorice. Very bold smells. It reminds me of a rain forest, though I’ve never actually been to a rain forest so I’m not quite sure what that means. It smells like what I would expect really lovely soil would smell.

Updates later on taste!

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