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I received this in a swap with Liberteas. Thank you!

This was served yesterday at tea party, but I was unable to get two of my teas logged because Steepster wouldn’t let me! I also noticed that some reviews and likes from way back seem to be gone! :( Ah well!

I try to provide variety at tea party, which used to be pretty difficult since almost everyone only drank black tea at first. Now everyone is getting more adventurous and I can serve oolongs and greens. Hallelujah!

I am not usually a fan of green apples except when baked in a pie, but it lent nice flavor to this blend. The front of the sip had a dark caramel flavor, and the green apple left a tingle at the end. Nice blend!

Thank you, Liberteas!

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drank Cookies N' Cream by Still Water Tea
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Thank for sending me a sample of this tea DaisyChubb, I really need to patronize more of those little Canadian tea companies.

I get more chocolate and caramel than I do cookies and cream from this tea. The tea might just need a bit longer steep though, and I bet it would also be tasty with some milk.

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Daisy Chubb

I just finished off the rest of what I had of this!
I definitely get what you’re saying with chocolate and caramel. And it is tasty with milk! :)

Still Water Tea

Milk is the key to getting the fullness of cream in the tea. It compliments it quite well. :)

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Upping the rating on this one…I didn’t do a double shot today and following the instructions more strictly that I normally would. It was much better!

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Thanks Liberteas

I agree with my Sororitea Sista in saying this tastes different each time I tried it. I’m on my 3rd cup. The first two cups were from the same leaves, however. I almost liked the 2nd infusion a tad better than the first…which confuses me for a Buckingham Palace Tea!

It could have been that my water was too hot, too, but it was bold, super strong, and somewhat malty which I did enjoy but it also had a foreign DRY taste…kind of like Cotton-Mouth after a night of drinking too much wine! LOL

On the 2nd infusion I could pick up random citrus notes and not so much on the dry side of things…it was still sturdy but a little less strong and not as malty…it was a bit sweeter as well.

This is alright for a Buckingham Palace…not my favorite but certainly not my least fave either.

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I’ve been busy tweaking my blog
and would LOVE it if you followed me. I’m in the process of buying a domain and FWD for it, too! I have ALL sorts of stuff there – drop by when you can!

I have a SIPDOWN with this tea this afternoon and it was tasty. See other notes. While it was tasty – in a blind taste-test I don’t know if I could identify it as a Cookies and Cream type flavor. But it’s tasty, regardless.


The blog looks great! I love reading about your vegan adventures. I’m not vegan myself, but lots of the recipes – like the maple syrup pecans – sound awesome anyway!


Nice! love the chickpea salad…I’m semi-vegan» (if one can be!) Love anything chickpea especially oven dried and seasoned as a snack :-)

Ruby Woo Scarlett

Your blog is great! Definitely following, I’m a huge fan of food :)


Thanks everyone! I eat vegan and shoot for that when I’m out but there maybe an item or two that slides in there with butter or something while eating out so I don’t want to call myself a vegan but I do shoot for that, ya know!? LOL


Great blog! I’m not a vegan but looking to eat less meat; I’m finding lots of good ideas there.

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Liberteas Thank you so much for this one, too!

The gentle aroma is that of a combo of Maple, Cream, and hints of sweet-chocolate.

The flavor is sweet like caramel or maybe a maple candy filling. I like the level of sweetness. The creaminess is upfront in the beginning of the sip and I get that little bit of malty-sweet chocolate but it morphs into maple and cream or a carmelly likeness towards the end of the sip on to the aftertaste.

This one is neat. I don’t really get the cookie part of the cookies and cream but the overall flavor is very nice!


Your description of this has my mouth watering. Sounds a little like dulce de leche!

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I went through my notes and noticed that I forgot to write anything about this 11 days ago. Almost two weeks! Oh my. Well, I still remember what it tasted like at least, though honestly I think this is kind of a forgettable tea which is why I, well, forgot it.

I mean, it’s not a bad tea, it’s just, you know, average. A nice chai mix but with no spices that really jump out at you, a gentle black base, soft chocolate flavor that isn’t very bold. I definitely don’t regret drinking it though, and it was a tasty cup even though it didn’t make a big impression. I picked it out of my box from LiberTEAs because I wanted something chocolatey and comforting, and it definitely hit the spot.

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So last night I was mourning the fact that there is NO way that I can make it to SDCC this year, even though I have a free ticket to the show. However, $700 airfare is something I just can’t swing. sigh So, I needed a comforting tea, and what’s more comforting than cookies and cream? This was a sample from LiberTEAS that I was saving for just such an occasion.

It’s not really… cookie tea, but I wasn’t expecting that based on other reviews and also the fact that I have no idea how you’d get cookie flavor in tea. Maybe a 52tea blend could do it, but I was expecting more chocolatey goodness from this. It definitely delivered on that end, with some smooth and natural tasting chocolate flavors. With milk & sugar this honestly tastes more like chocolate milk than tea: as others have said, the base is overwhelmed by the flavoring, but it’s still there in the background. I think this would have been amazing with a good Chinese black base with some malty, bready, cocoa notes… but then it would probably be very expensive.

I didn’t get any maple, though I suppose that’s not much of a bad thing since last time I checked, it’s not actually a flavor in cookies & cream. The cream is there, though I also added milk so that kind of bumped up the creamy factor. All in all this is a satisfying dessert tea, though perhaps not the most aptly named blend.

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The description suggests that every cup of this tea is a mystery. Right now, as it is still very hot, I taste sweet, malty tones and a hint of bergamot. It is very robust. I can smell the jasmine notes wafting out of the cup but I don’t really taste it. As I continue to sip (carefully, as I don’t wish to burn my tongue!) I notice hints of jasmine develop.

As it cools, a freshly baked bread taste emerges. The bergamot seems to be waning, as if it is drifting off into the distance. The jasmine that started to develop at the start seems to have distanced itself as well. Now, I taste mostly black tea – rich and bold with a fair amount of astringency.

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I am very pleasantly surprised by this tea. I ordered it hoping that I would – of course – taste both the caramel and the apple, but, I didn’t have my hopes up, as I’ve had some disappointing caramel apple blends.

But, this tea delivered. I taste the apple and I taste the caramel… and I taste the green tea. The apple is a bit more subtle than I would like it to be, however, I find that the caramel and the apple are pretty well-balanced. A very tasty tea.

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drank Chocolate Chai by Still Water Tea
4843 tasting notes

This is good – not great – but good. As far as chocolate chai blends go, I prefer 52Teas’ version, but I do like the caramel accent in this. The chocolate here leaves a little to be desired, but the caramel is nice. Overall, I like it, but would I buy it again? No.

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This is pretty darned tasty. The first couple of sips – while it was still very hot – tasted a little off, but now that it has cooled slightly, I find it to be much tastier. The chocolate is prominent, and by mid-cup, the maple becomes just as prominent as the chocolate. The honey sort of pops in and out of the sip, and the cream is more of a background note. The black tea seems a little overwhelmed by what’s going on with the flavors, but, it is still quite enjoyable. Might be even better with an Assam base.


My tastebud imagination can’t wrap around the name and conjour up a flavor. How is it possible. Ice cream, coffee creamer, but tea? You’re brave!


I was surprised by the flavors you found in this, given the name. Maple and honey? Since when does cookies n’ cream have maple and honey in it?? Weird.

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This is amazing hot, but as it cools it quickly becomes much more bitter and kind of chemical-y. Weird? Maybe. Gross? Yes. Adding something sweet just covers up the taste, not enhances it. Big disappointment, since I don’t exactly finish my tea in a few minutes.

Still Water Tea

I just wanted to state that there are no chemicals in this tea. All our teas are 100% naturally flavoured. As well, you are not suppose to add anything to this tea as it ruins it.

I too do not finish my tea quickly and I am surprised by your find. Did you steep it for too long? You can steep it more than once but you should only steep it for 3 minutes at a time and remove the leaves as this would definitely make green tea bitter.


I don’t doubt that it’s naturally flavored, but that was the best way I could think of to describe how it tasted to me.

I tried a few different steeping times but none longer than 3 minutes — removing the leaves after, of course. I don’t think I’ve ever before noticed that much of a change between tea that had just been completed and tea that had been sitting for a few minutes after steeping, so it was very surprising!

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This is a very pleasant tea! The natural sweetness of the cherries complements the slight bitter quality of the rose, and the green tea base is present without being overwhelming. I only wish I could compare it to other cherry and rose teas, as this is my first one!

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