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I’m not sure if this is an appropriate product to be reviewing here on Steepster, but since I put it on my blog, I figured I’d go ahead and include it here too.

This stuff is kind of … well, it’s kind of gross, really. I didn’t actually buy it, I bought a bottle of water that had a sample of it banded to the neck of the bottle. The water was reasonably priced and it had this sample on it so I thought, hey … I’ll try it.

This Stur product is similar to the water enhancements that you can find at the grocery store to add to bottled water. Usually they’re fruit flavored. My daughter gets these occasionally because I don’t let her drink soda except on a rare occasion, and she doesn’t always want tea, so she wants something that will up the flavor of her water, which she says is boring. She’s a teenager.

Anyway … I’m glad that I only caved in for the sample of this product and didn’t actually buy a whole bottle of it because it’s not my thing. It has stevia in it, and either there is too much stevia or it’s a poor quality stevia because it has a chemical-y taste that I sometimes get from either too much stevia or a poor quality stevia. It reminds me of saccharine. I hate saccharine.

There is a tart, acidic note from the lemon and that’s the best part of this liquid enhancement product. The whacked sweetness from the stevia seems to take over. I don’t taste much black tea here. I found it hard to enjoy the drink because of the stevia.

I would have rather just drank the water without the enhancer, I feel like this sample robbed me of the price I paid for the perfectly fine bottle of water.


TBH I’d probably be happier with flavoured water that had no sweetener at all! I believe I once got a delicious lime-flavoured Dasani… No stevia, aspartame, sucralose, etc.

Cameron B.

I really like the apple-flavored Dasani that they sell in 12 packs. :D


I think I’d have preferred this if there was no sweetener. The stevia and that chemical-y taste that came with it just really ruined it.

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