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drank Love Potion by Sublime Doughnuts
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I ordered a box of donuts that spell out “happy birthday” for my boyfriend’s birthday, and went to pick it up today…and remembered hearing about the teas they brew. There’s just two kinds: this and the other was called cooling potion I think. But strawberries and rooibos as ingredients is basically like putting my name on the bottle.

Speaking of the bottle it is adorable, topped with a cork.

It’s pretty sweet, very strawberry, and slightly floral from the rose. I can see how it would go perfectly with a lot of their donuts, especially a strawberries and cream one.

I really like it though, a lot of times I don’t like cold rooibos teas but this I could drink often. But I don’t allow myself to go there very often because I don’t need to weigh 400 and be bankrupt from wanting to eat all the donuts. But now I am going to be on the lookout for something similar in loose leaf form so I can have a slight substitute until I’m back.


Love the name! Happy Birthday boyfriend!

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