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The last time I bought an electric tea pot I was so excited about it, that I immediately came here and reviewed it, only to have to come back a few weeks later and change the review.

This is one of the pots I replaced the old one with and I’ve had it for 2 months now and it looks like this is a keeper :)

I love having the different buttons to set the temperature for different types of tea. The lid comes off completely, so it is a dream to clean and remove lingering moisture from (hence, no rusting, which quickly became a problem with the first pot).

I wish it had separate brewing and warming pots like the Real Tea maker by Nesco (yes, I bought that one too and I use it strictly for pots of black tea because there is no temperature control on it, but it also works really well). I sometimes have to dash back to remove the infuser when the timer goes off. Otherwise this is a great machine!

And it is still half off with free shipping from Mr. Coffee
which is way cheaper than some of the dream machines I’ve looked at but knew I couldn’t buy.


I am glad to see your reviews on these. I have an electric kettle on my desk at work that is old and needing to be replaced so I am considering what brand to purchase. I am going to look at these—thanks for posting your reviews!

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