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This tea attempted to set itself apart from the other chocolate mint blends by adding sunflower petals to their ingredients but honestly they added nothing to the flavor of the tea. This tasted like all other chocolate mint blends, maybe even a bit blander than most.

I also made this as a cold brew in chocolate milk. That was better than the plain hot tea since the chocolate milk coaxed out some flavor. But at the end of the day, it still wasn’t particularly noteworthy.

Check out my full review here:


I never remember to link my Sororitea Sisters reviews. I need to do that!


I like to do it because it tracks how many times I had the tea. Plus, if I only had it the one time when I wrote the review, it allows me to rate the tea and track that I had it.

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Thanks to the lovey and amazing Marzipan for this delight. Some of the teas from Sunshine Cottage I have really enjoyed and this was one I’d had my eye on.

Unfortunately, I think I bumbled the steeping parameters or overleafed because I was greeted with an overwhelming bitter tea and none of the sweet maple notes I was hoping for. I could taste very very faint hints of a sweetness but I can’t say it was a maple flavor or not. OOPS! Teaches me to brew up a tea before deadline time.

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This tea was much too weak for my tastes. I’m not sure if it’s because I used to be a heavy coffee drinker in addition to tea. Therefore, perhaps I expected the rich hazelnut and vanilla flavours that often accompany coffee. In any case, this tea barely had any flavour at all. I could taste the basic slightly astringent black base with a wee bit of a vanilla highlight. I would characterize it as a shadow of vanilla. Not creamy, & no hazelnut flavour or aroma either. It wasn’t a bad tea, but it wasn’t a good tea either. I have had several other teas from this company that were so much better. So sadly, this one was a disappointment.

Flavors: Astringent, Vanilla

Boiling 3 min, 45 sec 1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

I ordered 7 different teas from Sunshine Cottage and this was 1 of only 2 that I didn’t care for. Not too bad I think! Plus Joan (the seller) is awesome. My favorite was the plum pudding, YUM!


Awesome. That was the one I had high hopes for!

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This was a nice tasty tea. I had it kind of late last night so I added some cream to it, something I usually don’t do very often. I made two cups, one for me and one for Jason (his was plain). First sip of this plain and it was delicious. Rich, smooth, and well balanced. When I added the cream to my cup, I swear I could pick up honey notes. Pretty good.

For the rest of my ramblings. . . .

Any one else excited about the Ash vs The Evil Dead series? The trailer dropped yesterday. So awesome!

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I reached for this tea because the description just sounded so great for a hot day, with citrus and exotic fruit. The leaf is really pretty and definitely invokes a sunshine feeling, so I picked a tea set that would be equally sunny. Photos and full review:


Love your tea pet tea cup!


Everything is so yellow – I love it, and I like the name of this tea.


Beautiful blog post, Marz. :)


Thank you Fj – I’m so happy to know someone is reading!


Yep, you are really getting good at this blogging thing :D


Aww <3 Steph

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This is pineapple love. Such a sweet but not overly sweet breakfast blend with notes of citrus and pineapple. I took this down in no time. Even cold brewed this was good. Sunshine Cottage is just such an adorable Etsy store. She even has tea jewelry. I have my eye on a few pieces. Her site has some fantastic sounding flavored black teas. Yum!

Flavors: Citrus, Pineapple

Roswell Strange

That sounds so good!


I highly recommend this blend. I have a few more to try but all of her blends have been incredible!


I’ve put this on my wish list!

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