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Happy day after the first day of Summer everyone, even if that was an incredibly awkward greeting! I spent most of my solstice hiding from the heat and sun in the basement (like I do) and sipping tea (also like I do). I did come out for a brief date with Ben in the backyard, and by date I mean we turned on the sprinkler and played in it, along with having a hose vs sprinkler fight. He was armed with the hose and won, but considering I got soaked and cooled off I think it is more of a tie.

Today’s tea is Susan Branch Private Blend Tea, A Fine Romance, which is a blend of Earl Grey Tea, Lavender Buds, and Rose Petals. Even though those are two of my favorite flowers to have in tea, what really sold my British self (well, half self since I am only half a Brit) is the Corgi in a crown on the packaging. The aroma is quite like a summer bouquet of roses (specifically it reminds me of the English Rose perfume I was much enamored of as a kid) with relaxing notes of lavender, bright citrus notes, and a finish of slightly sweet malt.

Once the leaves and petals have had a nice hot bath, the wet leaves have a much more brisk aroma. It smells more like tea with flowers than flowers with a touch of tea. In the dry leaves the roses were strongest, but now they are well balanced with the other ingredients. Luckily the bergamot is not too strong, which is good because too strong makes me scared. The liquid without its leafy friends is quite rich with strong notes of malt and vanilla, and more subtle notes of flowers.

The description on the website says this tea is great with additives, but I decided to try it straight first. First sip in, I really do not think this tea needs sugar or cream, it is rich and sweet enough on its own. In my mouth there is a great dance of roses, lavender, malt, and mild bergamot, each one well balanced and accenting each other in harmony. The taste is pretty rich while also being mild, it seems like a bit of a contradiction, but the floral aspects make it rich, the black tea base is subtle. I like this tea, it would be a great tea for tea parties or an afternoon sip in the garden.

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Flavors: Bergamot, Lavender, Malt, Rose, Vanilla

Boiling 4 min, 15 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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