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I’m not sure what to say about this one, I had never had anything with saffron, I don’t know how to describe the taste or smell of this one honestly I just cant think of anything to compare it too or words to describe it, It’s a lovely tea, little bit bitter but not in a bad way at all, strange aroma but very nice.


even in cooking too much saffron can make a dish bitter. also there is cheap and higher grade saffron so who knows, what you have might not be that great. I’ve tasted a tea with saffron as an ingredient and the effect was warming and delightful though. Too bad this was odd because it should be more wonderful.

Tommy Toadman

It has me wanting to try just some saffron without any tea in it, i know i can get some at my local health food/herb store, it is slightly expensive but i think it may be worth a try :)


Saffron is delicious in rice — it’s kind of a savory aroma and flavor even though it’s made from crocus flowers! I can imagine saffron-scented tea.

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