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Warning! Warning! Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!

After shopping today it was 80 and we were hot and thirsty. My son bought me and him one of these. He likes it. First, ingredient water, second is sugar, then natural flavors, and wait for it… Instant Tea. O Yum, this tastes as scrumptious as it sounds. Yes, sarcasm.

It is sweet enough to make your kidneys hurt. The taste is just odd. It is either a little soured tasting or they added a tiny bit of lemon flavor (natural of course).

I don’t know what my son paid, but it was too much. I appreciate his generosity so I accepted graciously. Again, he likes it – BUT – I am warning you good folks. Do not attempt this at home!


Well at least you have got Sheldon beat at understanding sarcasm.


Sounds like the Red Diamond brand a bunch of my co-workers swear by for picnics and carry-in dinners. Blech!


Wow, it sounds like it was more like liquid sugar with a tea aftertaste. Gross.

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