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So, my Step Mom actually recommended this company to me because she knew that I was getting a bit more into Kombucha – I’m not sure for what particular reason, but I’m pretty sure this is her favourite company that sells Kombucha.

I started with trying their grape flavour, because it seemed a little more unique to me and I do really love grape drinks…

I actually thought it tasted surprisingly like Grape Crush/Fanta but just less sweet overall. That really surprised me, because as far as I’m aware Grape Crush is largely artificially flavoured and this uses actual grape juice!? However, it was a pleasant surprise because without the overwhelming sugar the flavour of grape soda is pretty damn tasty.

It also has that acidic/vinegar like quality that most Kombucha has to me; however I don’t mind it even a little bit in this one. Maybe that’s because I’ve tried enough kombucha now to get used to it? Or maybe it’s because that vinegar quality easily hides itself in something grape flavoured. I don’t know.

Anyway; this one was REALLY good. I think, actually, the best bottle/over the counter kombucha I’ve tried yet!

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