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drank 2011 Lao Cha Tou Zhuan by TaeTea
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Got this as a sample with my recent berylleb order. At first I was totally mystified. The Menghai Tea Factory…makes bagged tea? And bagged ripe pu’erh?

I tore the thing open to get a look. I was doing this in the dining hall at college, and my friend looked over as I pulled it out. We both stared at the tea bag.

“Looks like rat shit,” he said.

Sad to say he’s totally right. This tea not only looks like crumbles of poop, but it just tastes…bad. Plenty of fishy ripe-ness masked by heavy, heavy flower flavoring, and a sickeningly sweet aftertaste. Just…stick to the cakes Menghai. Please?


I concur. These aren’t the best. The Lao Cha now that is a different story.


The Lao Cha cakes? Never tried them, what sellers have them?


It is the little clumps left over from the shou process. They are the ones that can’t be steamed apart to put into cakes. They usually have a couple of years nuggets they make into bricks. Takes forever to get them to open up to brew but they usually go 15 steeps or so.
Menghai makes them. They are usually translated into old tea head or nuggets. Berylleb ha them. I haven’t drank any newer than the 2011 but I have a 2012 aging away for the future.


haha ive got these tea bags from a recent order as well.. I was dubious too as to how they will taste. I dont think im going to like them :D

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drank 2011 Pu-erh Teabags by TaeTea
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Thank you mrmopar for this Pu-erh tea!

I received a box of single serving Pu-erh tea bags from my friend mrmopar (who as you and I know is the biggest PU fan on Steepster).

PU TEABAGS?! REALLY?! (What was mrmopar thinking?!)

Looking around for a tea to drink, I picked up the box of Pu-erh and decided it was about time to see what the tea tasted like.

Even though the tea was bagged, I rinsed it quickly…then let it steep for several minutes until the liquor was deep red-ocre.

This was NOT going to be a good cup of Pu-erh…I was very sure of myself…and I was so WRONG. (Down with tea-snobbery!)

The flavor reminded me a little of Red Aura, smooth without bitterness or ‘fishy’ taste and a very nice cup of Pu-erh.

Who would have imagined the bagged tea would be so flavorful?

This is a great idea for a working person, so handy to keep portable Pu-erh in a desk drawer to pop in a mug of hot water!

Yes, yes, yes…I liked it!


My uses exactly. Very good at work when you only have that 30 min break to eat and drink and get back to the grind. Thanks for the PU on my head!


Haha! PU on your head!


No about that but I am going to keep you in close company so that some falls your way too!


No doubt. left it out.


think you can that media and dr. Oz for ‘inspirations’ like putting pu erh in tea bags….sounds like a shou


Not marketed for the U.S. consumer by the look of the packaging and indeed a shou. They also press beengs.

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