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So many teas to backlog, so many to add on Steepster.

After being spoiled by the natural teas I have, I decided to spoil myself even further and see how well a Tie Guan Yin does with flavoring. I got this two weeks earlier for a convenience tea, and figured that the blueberry and vanilla would pair well with a Tie Guan Yin’s florals. I was right, they did, and the dessert tea turned out nicely. It’s on the lighter and greener side which is more than welcomed. This tea is also difficult to over brew.

Thank heavens I served this to my TE Class instead of my other teas. This was a definite hit, and people tended to prefer it with a dash of honey. I’d prefer a little bit of sugar or some on it’s own straight (the sachets are 2 grams each), but it does nicely almost anyway. It does take a while to brew, however.

If you need a convenient dessert tea or fruity oolong, this might be a good bet. The only things preventing me from putting the rating at a 80 is the price-it’s cheaper to get online than it is to get from the local store if that store even carries it. The strength of the leaves only bothered me a little bit since I like to have some teas only twice instead of power-housing them. I definitely recommend a try, and this is something for newer drinkers getting into tea though it might please a few veterans, or otherwise bore them.

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