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Saturday Sample Sipdown #1

First off, thanks to Amanda (not to be confused with Momo) for this sample. When I first joined Steepster back in sept, she was one of the first people who offered to trade with me.

I love peaches, I love vanilla. Although there are no actual peach pieces in this, there was a little peach flavor. The tea base was weak, the vanilla was more prominent, but the most noticeable flavor was a buttery caramel taste. Not bad, but not particularly satisfying.

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Simple good tea my teens love it as well , you can serve with some milk and ice it or not . I really like the fact the kids will drink it all day long instead of Soda and I myself will add a bit of Raspberry jam at night to make it really special !!

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All I Can say is I love Banana and Chocolate, and this blend with a little milk I drink my dessert all day long . Plus my kids love it .

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Thank you Dhart1214 for this sample tea! Again!

#3in the tea taste trio challenge from Dhart1214!

Surely Swiss Chocolate Tea with chocolate chips in it would taste
completely different than Strawberry and Blueberry…I mean come on…it’s CHOCOLATE! I could SEE the big chocolate chips!

The aroma was cocoa (however that was a pretty light scent).

Just like the previous 2 tea’s, the taste was creamy smooth, a little sweet and very lightly cocoa but BITTER! More than BRISK!

Remembering (only a few minutes ago) the sweetening effect, I added a little which tempered the bitterness slightly. Then I added more which helped more. Then some more until the tea was drinkable but sweet.

I ended up with a tea that tasted odd. Not like cocoa but like frosting out of a pre-made container. Betty Crocker artificial Swiss Chocolate Frosting in a can!

These tea’s are not for people who want a tea straight without additions.

There you have it Dhart1214. No, they didn’t all taste the same.
What was the same is…they are SUGAR BANDITS!


Not long after these tastings I got a kicking me in the head migraine (not a headache really a face and nausea one)…hope the tea’s didn’t have anything to do with it…flavorings or whatever.


hope you feel better! prayers your way!!!


Thanks Mrmopar!


Thank you so much Bonnie. I rarely add sweetener to my teas. I didn’t realize it could make such a difference.

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Thanks Dhart1214 for this sample tea!

This is Tea #2 in the tea taste off!

The aroma of this tea was the best of the 3 I tasted. Definitely
But, wah-wah….the flavor was again a sweetish nondescript berry with some creaminess.
“Let me see what happen’s when I sweeten this tea!”, I said to myself.

Just like the Blueberry Pie tea (which so far was similar but more pie crusty tasting) a little sweet didn’t help the flavor much.
So I added a little more and BAM! Strawberry!


Why should I have to add a ton of sweetening to get a strawberry flavor out of this tea? (Makes no sense to me!)

At least I’ve established that the Blueberry and Strawberry are not identical twins at this point and the Strawberry has inched ahead of the Blueberry in taste points.


Very interesting taste-off! It was fun to read along. Hmm, sugar-bandits. I wonder how and why right along with you.


naughty little tea’s!

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Thank you Dhart1214 for this sample tea!

This is #1 of three tea’s to taste on Dhart1214’s challenge

I received 3 tea’s. Blueberry Pie, Strawberry Black and Swiss Chocolate Black with a note that said, “Please try these because they all taste the same to me!”

So today I set up 3 pots to brew with 3 mugs and 3 3×5 cards to jot my notes. I loaded the baskets with tea leaves, poured the water on and set the timers…game on!

This is the first of the 3 reviews:

The scent of the liquor was crusty pie…but not blueberry or any berry for that matter. It smelled yummy, like a bakery.

When I took a sip from my little glass cup, it was pretty bland but creamy, with a slight crust taste and nondescript berry flavor.

I sweetened the tea a very little bit which did not bring out any more berry flavor. Adding more sweetening again, and the berry was stronger. Odd. Who would make a tea that only tastes like the name if you mega sweeten it?

No blueberry here for me but there is a hint of pie and a light berry of some sort.

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Loved it -more tea than nuts which I have had in other teas ,I do not want to pay for the weight of all nuts when buying a tea .The perfect blend of cinnamon and vanilla with almond lingering -love it warm with a tad bit of honey . Just like dessert

4 min, 45 sec

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Let’s get this straight: this is not Teavana Almond Biscotti tea.

What this is is organic tea mixed with almonds and cinnamon to attempt to taste like Teavana’s Almond Biscotti.

My first steep was with 1 teaspoon of leaves to 3/4 teaspoon of rock sugar. The taste was a bit off, like it was missing something very crucial. It didn’t have that exact cookie flavor, but it did have almonds and cinnamon mixed with some decent black tea.

My second steep was with 2 teaspoons of leaves to 1 teaspoon of rock sugar. What a world of difference more leaves makes for this tea, as it gains more flavor. The black tea isn’t strong enough to overpower everything else, so the almond and cinnamon dance.

Despite the improvement in taste, this still isn’t Teavana’s Almond Biscotti. The buttery taste is trying to get there, but it doesn’t seem like everything is enough quality to have that harmony of flavors blend together properly.

Because of this lower grade in quality, I don’t think you can steep the leaves more than once either.

190 °F / 87 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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