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drank Tummy Rub by Tea Box
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I was excited as this blend includes mint (a fav), however, Tummy Rub also contains fennel, liquorice and chamomile, none of which I am particularly fond of. In fact I usually avoid them, so this made me incredibly apprehensive. In the first sip all I felt was bewilderment. This was nothing like the flavours I dreaded. The fennel is light, the liquorice is insanely sweet and the chamomile combines with mint to provide a calming demeanour. In an unexpected turn, the flavours combine flawlessly creating a blend I actually really loved!

I enjoyed this: After an evening meal. I crave sugar constantly, so this surprisingly sweet herbal mix helped beat the pudding pangs after dinner.

Flavors: Fennel, Floral, Herbs, Licorice, Mint

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