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drank Cherry vanilla by Tea Head
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I started this tea hot, looking for something soothing and fruity in the winter. When hot, the sour cherry stands out, but I thought it wasn’t quite right and perhaps would be better iced.

Unfortunately, when I tried it iced, the vanilla was far more obvious and unpleasant. It didn’t overshadow the sour cherry entirely, but it felt …not quite right, and perhaps it would be better hot.

Overall, not a wow from me either way.

Flavors: Cherry, Tart, Vanilla

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Subtle raspberry, more subtle rose (I overthink things and I’m not convinced I could taste it except for the power of suggestion). Smells wonderful. Would like to try iced or cold brewed next time.

Sipsby Advent selection.

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A lovely hot tea for winter. Made the room smell nice but was subtle with the spice. The cinnamon is most prominent and lingers a while after your sip (maybe my favorite part, as I love cinnamon). I drank three cups and finished the packet easily, if a little sadly – I’d buy this again.

This was my Sipsby advent day 1, but since I placed them all randomly throughout the calendar who knows what others will have!

Flavors: Cinnamon, Spices

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I really like this tea. I received samples in a Sipsby box. Definitely plan on buying.

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