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drank Vanilla Bliss by Tea Kitten
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This turned out to be a pretty tasty vanilla rooibos. It tastes how you might expect, nothing special, but good. No weird flavors, just a pleasant rooibos plus vanilla. It didn’t need milk. The package from Sips by only made enough for two servings, but it inspired me to order a different vanilla rooibos so I can have it on my shelf again.

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drank Pink Citrus Magik by Tea Kitten
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Got as a sample… I think it’s just gimmicky. As promised, it does steep a pretty pinkish purple color, which turns blue if you add lemon juice.
However, the artificial watermelon flavoring overpowers all the other real fruit and the green tea in the blend, which is expected, but still a shame. Cold-brewing and drinking iced is the only tolerable way to consume this.
Not my thing.

Flavors: Artificial, Sweet


I do love the gimmick of butterfly pea flower, but it seems like a difficult ingredient to pull off well in a blend as far as flavors go.

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Sounded lovely for a cold brew, which apparently diminishes the “magik” color powers of the tea, as it was a bright and bold green instead (and the lemonade added only diluted the color). Pleasant citrus flavor but too mild to be memorable for much outside the color.

Flavors: Citrus

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Sipsby Advent Calendar.

After reading the description I went with a cold brew for this tea and finished the jar over a couple of days.

I’m a fan of tart hibiscus, but I wouldn’t even put “tart” in the description of this if it weren’t in the title. You do get the hibiscus flavor, and another that I can really only describe as a generic “fruit”. I’d agree with the assessment that it’s a fruit punch copycat; every so often I’d take a sip and feel like I had poured Hawaiian Punch instead. It wasn’t bad, but fruit punch isn’t a favorite of mine, and I wouldn’t go looking for this again.

Flavors: Fruit Punch, Hibiscus


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I got this as a sample to try and… it’s just not my thing. A light, herby green tea by taste. The brewing instructions speak to the magic – a change in color – but…. I just prefer my tea to taste stronger.

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