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Steep Information: 1 packet mixed with 1 6oz vanilla yogurt

Tasting Notes:
BLEH, green tea vegetal grassy bitter chalky bleh
maybe it would have been a better mixed in water? Judging from *Janefan*’s 11 oz attempt probably not.

I am glad this was a gift from Janefan because I would have been very unhappy if I purchased a multi pack of these.

Sorry i didn’t get after mixing it up pictures, it was a pale green color, but after two spoonfuls I wanted it OUT!

Images: http://amazonv.blogspot.com/2010/05/teatech-powder-green-tea-jackie-chans.html


I don’t recall what prompted me to buy these. I think I was trying to bump up an order total in $.50 increments or something… I actually meant to grab my last one and dump it in a bottle of water this weekend but forgot.


i think by xtra green they mean xtra grassy, maybe at 16 oz it might be nicer? with sugar?


Lol. What does Jackie Chan have to do with it?


you’ve got me!


It’s _Chan_tastic?

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directions say to add to 8-16 oz cold water. I tried 11oz and it was too grassy/powdered tasting for me. So I added 7 oz orange juice and a handful of ice. I now have a 20oz bottle of healthy, immunity boosting beverage. There’s still some undissovled powder hiding in the bottom. The green tea and OJ are OK together. I am drinking this more for health/hydration than enjoyment though!

I bought a few packets of this powder just to boost an order total by $1-2. I may use it in smoothies in future instead of my matcha. Meh.

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