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drank Cardamom Tea by Tea4u
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Interesting. Cardamom, yes…. but then also something oddly floral in a natural way. I don’t think it was a separate addition. But does cardamom ever get floral ish? Maybe it was the base black tea… I had to add milk because it was a little spicy and I needed to temper the intensity. Experimenting, I added some sugar and that seemed to enhance the floral. Not what I expected, but I’d have it again for a change.

Something else. Am I the only one who gets sad when reading someone reviews and it says so and so passed…. and then you realize oh, they didn’t perish, just passed on some tea. No matter what, it gives me a start every single time and I’m really not sure why….


Cardamom is totally floral.


Huh, I had no idea. Figured all this time it was just a spice!! :)

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