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Had this one western style today. This definitely goes to show how much I prefer TGYs to Taiwanese high mountain oolongs. There is just a richness to TGYs; a bass note behind the florals that gives it more heft than the lightness of the high mountain varieties. When it comes to TGYs this one is a little more subdued and less sweet than my preference, although I do love the strong floral orchid notes that really come out in the aftertaste. This is quite a nice one, and I’m definitely enjoying my cup of it today.

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Thanks so so much to Teavivre for continuing to be awesome, for providing me with this tea to sample, and for sending a completely surprise free (!!!) gaiwan with my last pack of samples. I am, of course, using it to try out this tea now!

I used one pack, gave it a quick rinse, and did a few steeps to start before the gaiwan got so hot I couldn’t hold it anymore. After the first couple of steeps the tea leaves exploded and were bursting out of the gaiwan. It smells initially like a nice, green TGY, that is buttery and floral and a bit sugary, but this tea caught me a little off guard. What I wasn’t expecting was the intense juicy, fruity flavor in the tea. Unlike other TGYs I’ve had, for sure!

This does have the expected elements: it’s very floral, it’s very buttery, it’s a bit sweet like spun sugar. But this kind of bright almost citrusy note to it is so cool. Really interesting tea, and I look forward to trying it with various brewing methods. Thanks again, Teavivre!


Teavivre keeps getting more and more and amazing! Wow!


That’s insanely awesome!


it’s hard to control Gaiwan when you first use and easy to Scald your finger. When you use it several times and have experience, then it’s easy to control.

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Backlog from last night. Or was it two nights ago? I don’t remember.

Anyway, I got this as a sample from TeaVivre ages ago and have finally gotten around to trying it out. Thanks, Angel and Teavivre!

This is going to be a short note since I didn’t write anything down whichever night I had this.

Smoky, but less so than some other lapsang souchongs I’ve had. Most of the smokiness seems to be in the smell. Smooth, malty, with a bit of sweetness that becomes more pronounced as it cools. Very enjoyable with the fall weather!

Thanks again, Angel and Teavivre!

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Free sample from Teavivre. Thank you once more.

I love the look of the olive green tea nuggets in this sample. They look great and smell a bit milky when dry, then they unfurl in the pot as I steep them. It makes me happy that I mainly use a glass teapot, not that that stops me wanting a lovely celadon teapot and more Yixing teapots, of course!

The milky aroma turns to cream when I steep the leaves with strong floral overtones. All this promises something good, and the tea does not disappoint. The roasted flavour is there, but delicate and not overdone. It complements the floral undertones that are present, but you need to search for them. This is a very full, thick tea that is less sweet than I thought it might be. This is good. Too much sweetness alongside the other flavours would probably just be too much. I like this tea.

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Thank you Angel for this sample! So generous!

This tea reminds me of sweetened condensed milk mixed with caramel.
Has some floral but definitely not too strong.

I also get some browned butter… it’s really nice. The roasting was really well done on this.

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Thank you Angel at Teavivre for this sample.

I like the new tables that show both Western and Chinese brewing information on the Teavivre website.

I bought an 8oz Gongfu teapot from Teavivre last year so for the sake of this review I shall use the suggested 3oz (or guess the equivalent as best I can).

Tea – 7g (one small silver foil bag)
Water Temperature – 100℃
7 steeps : rinse,25s,35s,45s,55s,65s,75s,85s

The tea itself consists of dark green and light green leaves that make up small to medium sized balls and squiggles.

They have a sweet lily, orchid and mineral green scent.

Throughout the steeps –
It starts with a thick but sweet lily fragrance. Tea tastes subtle, sweet, mineral green and floral with vegetal elements. Perhaps slightly buttery and perfumed in the after taste.

It gradually becomes rather dry and less sweet. The lily is still very thick. The vegetal tone becomes more distinguished and fresh broccoli like.

Eventually around the fifth steep it tones down a lot in flavour and becomes as mellow as the first steep. It still has lily characteristics and vegetal tones but it’s also much dryer than previously.

Overall – It’s a very floral Oolong which has light and medium strengths/highlights throughout. No bitterness was present. I enjoyed this, would consider purchasing some in the future.


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And here’s another sipdown! That puts me at 100 tea! (And sadly, I look at my cupboard and think I need more. Maybe 10 different samples from DAVIDsTEA? /o\)

Anyway, this was from one of the oolong samplers from Teavivre that I’m happy I picked up, although I’m worried I’ll get all these oolongs mixed up. I think the Taiwan Dong Ding is my favourite so far.

And this one? It’s described as a beginner oolong – I’m comforted. It’s mostly floral, and a little creamy, and I think it reminds me of the monkey-picked oolongs? Hmmm. I think there’s a jasmine aftertaste to it as well.

Does anyone know which of teavivre’s oolongs are roastier than the others? I think I like roasty more than floral with oolongs. Thanks!

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I like roasty oolongs too. Wuyi oolongs are starting to become my favorite. I have tried teavivres big red robe and it is definitely roasty and delicious.


Thanks! I think I liked the big red robe, but I didn’t rate it yet.

Also, I just realized Teavivre’s website lets you search oolongs by roastiness so I can look that way – Iron Goddess, Monkey Picked, Big Red Robe and Guang Dong Phoenix Dan are the moderately/heavily roasted ones!


Yes, it sounds like you need more tea. :D


100 is not enough choice for me. I like 150-200 :)


Haha. Well once I sipdown some of my higher quantity teas, AND get a job, I plan to stock up on a bunch of smaller quantities.


It seems you love stronger taste of Oolong teas, you also can give Moderately Roasted a try, i think you will like it.

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I brewed this western style. My experience so far is it’s mostly floral smelling and tasting, with a smooth, creamy mouthfeel. Some nice, mild vegetal notes. This was just a sample size, but I’ll probably order more in the future. A balanced, good all around tea.

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Light Oolong that is golden yellow in color and has a nice floral aroma. This tea has a pleasant floral taste with a little bit of honeydew flavor. I found this Oolong to be quite enjoyable.

205 °F / 96 °C

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I drink this tea with almost every meal.
Green tea with food is already a habit for me, but it’s far more enjoyable with that delicate jasmine fragrance.
I highly recommend this for anyone who loves tea for the sense of culture and health it brings.

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Tea of the morning……

This is a sample i have had for a while. I had a pot of the regular Bailin Gongfu a few days ago, and decided this was a good time to give this one a go. I am generally not as concerned about a tea being Organic, but I know others are. I did notice that it is currently out of stock. The other thing to note is that it is twice the price of its non-organic counterpart.

So far, this seems very comparable in taste. There are definitely differences, but they are subtle. I still get the malty, chocolatey notes in the regular version. This one might be a tad less earthy, but that note is subtle in the regular version, too. Definitely a great tea if your teas being organic is important to you. As for me, I will continue to drink the other.

Usual teapot method.

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