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My best friend really loves puerh tea and I wanted to have some more today to keep trying to counteract all the holiday food, so I invited her over. Of course, I made apple dumplings to go with it, so how much did it help? LOL!

The instructions on the bag call for a great deal of tea and a rather short steep of 1-2 minutes. I put a bit less tea than called for and steeped it just over two minutes. The resulting tea is rich and dark dark dark – as dark as coffee. But it is oh so good. There is a cedar oil aftertaste to this one that I love.

Bonnie mentions cold steeping her puerh, so I only made one pot with these leaves and then put them in cold water in the refrigerator. It is already so dark! I can’t wait to see how I like it.

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I ate way too much from the snackie plate at writers’ group tonight and my tummy was not pleased. I had one guest and her daughter still here and asked if she would like to try some puerh. She likes a lot of different foods – more than I do – and experiments a lot when cooking, so she was game!

We only made two steeps of this, but that was enough to make my overstuffed belly start going again. My guest liked it a lot, said it tasted like leather (good for her!) and noticed the oil in this one. I love that about this puerh – the “cedar beams polished for a hundred years” coating that forms on your lips and in your mouth.

In spite of all this caffeine in all this tea, I am being lulled to sleep by all the L-theanine.

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Wheeee! My tea arrived from China! It was rather awkward, too.

We have a digital keypad lock on the front door, but my son forgets since he moved out after we installed the new one and still locks the knob, thereby locking himself out. He told me he was going to his car to get his iPod cord, so when I heard a knock at the door I thought he had locked himself out again. In a silly, high voice, I said, “Who is it?” a male voice said, “Mailman.” I said it again, thinking my son was playing around. Again, “Mailman!”

I opened the door to let my playful, funny son in, and….it was the mailman. I was so embarrassed. He wanted me to sign for my Teavivre package. LOL! I hastily explained as I signed, but he didn’t seem overly amused. :)

So now, I made a big pot of puerh to share with my son this morning because I don’t have to hoard the last of my sample anymore! I can have all the puerh I want.

I put three teaspoons of tea in my 22 ounce Beehouse pot, poured boiling water over, and steeped 4 1/2 minutes. Second steep at five minutes is every bit as good. If anything, the rich, polished cedar beam taste is more prominent. This one is only lightly horsey and not fishy at all. Second pot is almost all gone, and I plan to make a third steep. Excellent tea!


He heee I do things like that all the time, too. Especially involving the caller ID at work. I will be really silly answering the phone with someone but whoops! the department chair used his assistant’s phone and I just said something incredibly lou lou bird!


When somebody forwards calls at our work, the co-worker’s name still shows up on ID … I’ve gotten myself in trouble that way, too!


There’s got to be a knock knock joke in there somewhere…puerh.


Sorry, friend…I’ve been trying for 20 minutes and can’t come up with a punchline.


Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Puerh who?
Puerh little me wants to get on with my rounds so would you PLEASE open the door, scary lady, and sign for your package?


Good one!

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This is a free sample from Angel and Teavivre. Many thanks for sending me this new tea love.

I had a guest today who I don’t know terribly well. It is someone I knew briefly when I was young and have only seen once more in the past thirty years. This gentleman and I have become Facebook friends over our love of dogs and he asked if we would be willing to dogsit his new puppy on Tuesdays. Today was a test run to see if the puppy and my Sam would get along (they did) and he said in advance that he wanted to try some of that tea I talk about on Facebook!

He has only had Lipton tea and said he drinks it with milk and sugar. I have found puerh to be a safe bet with people who love coffee, as long as you give them GOOD puerh. We pulled out the gongfu set and began.

He listened to my spiel about puerh, then sipped. His surprise was undisguisable. Right away he told me he liked it, and it didn’t need any milk or sugar. He loved how smooth it was, saying that he thought tea was drying, and this one wasn’t! We drank cup after cup, and made steep after steep. Several times he stopped talking about other things to comment on the tea. I must say it seemed uncommonly good today.

I don’t have a lot of this left, so I really need to finalize my order so I can get a big bag of this in. I have been waiting for my new samples before I place the order because as sure as I go ahead and order I will find more in this new box that I have to have some more of!

Right now, this is my “puerh I must have on hand.” Delicious, polished ancient cedar beams, thick mouthfeel, wonderment!

Jim Marks

These really are very good leaves.

And tea always tastes better when you’re serving someone.

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I am still in ecstasies over this tea! I shared several steeps with hubby tonight. Everyone’s tastes are so different. Hubby says he still prefers the Ripened Aged Puerh Mini Tuo Cha from Teavivre, while this one is positively transporting me! I am eager to get my son’s opinion when he comes home this weekend. I hope I can sleep – this is an awful lot of tea at bedtime! O.O

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I saved this sample from Teavivre so I could share it with a friend who loves puerh.

Oh my goodness. I think this may be my favorite puerh to date. I didn’t know anything could unseat their Ripened Aged Mini TuoCha, but I think it just happened.

The first sip of tea transported me to a cathedral built of stout wooden beams that have been polished lovingly with Murphy’s Oil Soap. There is the scent of clean wood mixed with a sense of antiquity here. And after the sip my mouth is cool and tingling! The warmth of the dark puerh flavor transforms into sunshine in the mouth!

Because we were conversing, I didn’t get to give this all the attention I could have, but I have enough to drink again, and again, so I can try to be even more detailed. This is indeed a puerh fit for an emperor in my book. Definitely ordering this one.

Thank you, Teavivre and Angel!

Jim Marks

What amazed me with this tea is the depth of flavor it produced despite how little processing the leaves appear to have undergone.


I am definitely putting this on my next Teavivre order!

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This is the last of my teavivre samples, and unfortunately my least favourite. I am a tisane fan most of the time, and I love me some good fruit blends, but there was something in this tea that I did not like at all. I’m guessing it was the roselle. I found this tea to be almost unbearably bitter. I brewed it as per the package instructions for about 10 mins, and am thinking that was probably too long. I found the bitterness really overwhelmed the other fruit flavours, so I can’t comment on the rest of the blend. I will have to try again and brew for less time, but my first impression is not great, as I couldn’t finish it (a first for me…). I will try again before giving it a numbered rating, and I hope that it was just a brewing error. If not, then I guess I shall stick to what teavivre does so well, its greens, whites and oolongs!

Boiling 8 min or more

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I let my cupboard get out of control. It’s great to have a lot of tea, but it isn’t great to have large amounts of really good tea that you can not ossicle drink while it is at its best.

In spite of this one being past its prime, it had good flavor and multiple steeps with each being enjoyable. It is a little bit roasty rather than highly floral and holds up well to sweet snacks. It had great body and showed it’s quality even…get this…three years past it’s recommended ‘use by’ date.

This is the end of this bag, and once I have emptied the cupboard of some of its oldest residents, I will start on the newer ones and tame this monster. I will be buying my teas in smaller amounts in future so that they can be enjoyed at their prime.

Evol Ving Ness

Three years—wow! This one sounds delicious.

Totally get that out of control cupboard feeling. No self-flagellation though as that’s not good for us either.

This year I am making an effort to learn a bit more about balance. And hurray for delicious tea to have along that journey!


Balance – yes! I enjoy my tea and I have something I love and think that I must have lots on hand and I don’t want to have to reorder and pay shipping again and if there is a coupon right now…so much the better! I even have my list of top ten pretty well secured and if I added ten or even twenty more just for fun teas, that would be more than enough.

Evol Ving Ness

Ah yes, the elusive cupboard of thirty. Striving, striving.

Evol Ving Ness

I’m the same way. If I’m going to pay shipping, then I am going to make that extra fee well worth it. And I want a good variety. And that’s how I get overwhelmed with a crazy cupboard.

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Yes yes yes!

My tastebuds have been awol due to this bronchitis, but yesterday I bought some nice olives and blue cheese crumbles. I was pretty confident I could taste that. And I made THREE POTS so far off this one basket of leaves, and hubby has been drinking it with me all day. I am about to make yet another pot because it is really good.

I can’t taste everything perfectly yet, but I get a great aftertaste with this one, almost like the finish of a TGY or even a light licorice root note (which I love) so I am pretty tickled that I am tasting something! Hopefully this cold will be kicked to the curb as I continue drinking my elderberry tonic and staying hydrated, but the Bradford pears are in bloom which means the oaks are, too. Here we go again.

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Uh-huh! Did you see what I just did there? I clicked “Add to Cupboard!” Because I got my Teavivre order! (Well, actually there is another one already on the way, and on Saturday I am ordering that Silver Jasmine Green tea that will be on sale but let’s not talk about that, shall we?)

I have had three monkey picked oolongs – one from thinkgeek, one from Teavana, and this one. This one is the best. Nuff said.


The sale got me today, Premium Jasmine Pearls!


It would have gotten me, too, except I already have my second batch of those and an order of the Superfine Downy Pearls is on the way cuz I HAD to top up my order for my daughter’s tea to get the free shipping. :D

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Back logging: This is – oops, make that WAS – a sample provided by Angel and Teavivre. I finished it today but the full pouch is on its way and I intend to drink the heck out of it!

I have had three Monkey Picked Oolongs and this is my favorite. The others were Teavana’s and thinkgeek’s, both of which were very good. Teavivre’s has a little something extra, though. That deep baked flavor of fruit, sugared by Maillard reaction is front and center and just makes this such a rich, warm tea.

I am very glad I will be clicking Add to Cupboard very soon!

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I think this was my favorite tea of all the ones we drank today. I was still eating my peach dumplings when this one was poured and my first sip made me grrrrowl with happy tea pleasure. Wow, this was extra good today. Sigh. Another one for the next order.

Thank you, Angel and Teavivre for the generous sample. It was ah-maz-ing!

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It was hard to move onto another tea after enjoying Teavivre’s Jasmine Silver Needle so much yesterday, but I am glad I tried this today.

Sometimes Tie Guan Yins are a little….harsh…in the aroma to me. This one is much smoother than some I have had. The first impression is of a dark, baked scent, not smokey, not ashy, not harsh, but comforting, like your grandmother’s iron skillet has some slow roasted delicacy in it, an exotic vegetable that has been cooked low and slow to develop wonderful dark tasting sugars and caramelize. The taste is growing more fruity as I sip, with a hint of the frosty note I find in some white teas. This is a monkey picked to love!

Thank you, Angel and Teavivre for this wonderful sample!

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After my last tasting of this wonderful brew I iced the remainder for the next day. As I looked at the beautiful color through the Mason Jar I thought this tea would be a perfect candidate for cold-brewing. I put the two jars side by side as I watched the slow process of cold brewing. The darker iced and the lighter cold-brewed. I brewed this for several days and the result is stunning. The aroma and flavor are on par with some of the finest teas I have ever had. Period. Flavors of citrus and pineapple and, ahem, cannabis. I beg you to try this one. One teaspoon and let it brew for 3 days and wham. A sensory delight.


I’m with you. Some of my favorites are cold brewed black and puers that make your toes curl like you’re on the ride of your life on a long board!


Charles, thanks for the tip, will definitely try it. One teaspoon is not a lot, in how much water?
P.S. to Bonnie: now I want something that will make my toes curl!!

Charles Thomas Draper

The jar says 16 fl oz

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This is my first tea other than Lipton in many days. All through Memorial Day weekend I was feeling fluish. Sick. I had know idea how sick I could get. Finally on Wednesday I called my Mother and she took me to a doctor. When he took my blood pressure and it was 50 over 35 it was off to the emergency room. After explaining my pains, the nurse asked me if I was bit by a tick. I said yes. According to my symptoms they treated me for Ehrlichiosis. The IVs went in and it was 5 days of intense fever, coughing and body aches from hell. This is my first good tea since then. I am sipping it slowing. I will comment more in depth later when my sense of taste returns. In the meantime, this tea has made me feel so much better.


I’m so sorry you were ill and hooray for the sense to call MOM! Welcome back to tea world! We’re here if you need us!


Yikes – I am so sorry to hear that! Glad you’re better.


Wow!! So glad you are better Charles.

Charles Thomas Draper

Thank you. It was without a doubt the sickest I have ever been.

Joshua Smith

I’m glad you’re feeling better!


Glad to hear you’re better, and take care!


I’m sorry about this, I hope you get better. I have a friend who went through the same, just make sure that feeling tired keeps you from moving around and becoming weaker. Eat well, get well; welcome back.

Doug F

I hope you can get back on your board soon.


That’s scary!! I hope you get better quick!


Oh my! So thankful that is behind you. Rest and restore!

Charles Thomas Draper

I am feeling much better. Thank you again kind friends.


glad you’re feeling better…life gets scary sometimes, guess it makes you appreciate it even more…

Charles Thomas Draper

Thank you Tea Fairy. Thank you everyone

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Backlog from a few days ago: I have been neglecting this tea and all my white tea, really. My guest who comes once a week really prefers black tea so that is what we mostly serve. My best friend loves white tea, though, so I picked this one for her visit.

Youngest made a cake called kvaefjordkake. It was astonishingly delicious. It is yellow cake with whipped cream and meringue, and we topped it with fresh strawberries. She made it from scratch, as always, and ground soft white wheat into flour for the cake.

I would normally use a good black tea like Fengqing Dragon Pearls for cake, but this cake is truly light and refreshing so the pairing worked well.

I used 185F water and gave it three minutes. Teavivre’s jasmine teas are always perfect in my eyes. No surprise that we love this. I buy tins for the ones I plan to keep on hand so this one gets a tin on my next order. This is a favorite and very versatile. It is great alone or with food. The jasmine relaxes me.

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This was the second tea I served to my guest yesterday, a lady I met about 25 years ago but never really got to know as we saw each other only rarely, and briefly.

She liked it very much and said she liked the puerh better, which really surprised me. Then she explained that this tea was delicious, but she knew she would only drink it when she felt very stressed and needed something to help her calm down. She wouldn’t consider it an every day tea, and I understand because I use it in just that way.

So she liked it very much, liked the ouerh more for regular consumption, and here is a spoiler….The tea she really flipped over was Yunnan Dian Hong – Golden Tips.

She said she did not consider herself a foodie and felt that she is an old fashioned cook, using just a few spices that her mother used and not exploring new things. Yet she was spot on with all of her descriptions of what each tea smelled like, how it tasted, what it would be good with. I think we have a potential hardcore tea addict in the making!


Yunnan Dian hong – golden tips is the best! She’s got good taste!!

Cameron B.

I agree, the Golden Tip is fantastic! :D

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Pretty big surgery yesterday. Morphine button a bust – turns out morphine just makes me violently ill. Went painkiller free other than essential oils on my feet and this tea, sent up in a JoeMo by youngest daughter. This tea takes me to my happy place. It really helped me relax and soothed my throat which was irritated by the throat tube. Best of all, having a familiar and beloved tea made me relax, which means hurting a little less. Two containers were sent up, and eldest daughter drank one and loved it. This was her first time having it but I have a feeling it wasn’t the last.


Wow, feel better! Sorry you’re dealing with that…


When in pain, reach for jasmine!


Glad that this tea can help you.
Hope you will feel all right very soon. Take care.


Can’t think of a more lovely tea to recuperate with. Glad to see you on Steepster.


Take care! Tea must be truly comforting in a time like this and I’m glad you have it.

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This is one of my favorite teas, and it has only been a few years since I thought I would never be a let o detect flavor in white tea. This one is full bodied and creamy, and the jasmine is absolutely perfect. My best friend tried it and had to have it so she has been buying it for a while and I just gave her a pouch of it for Christmas, and a lady who only just discovered a love of tea here at my house just had to have it and had me order two pouches – one for her and one for her mother for Christmas.

Try this tea at your own risk. You will want to keep it on shelf at all times.


Well now I’m afraid to try;). When I tried H&S jasmine pearls after reading your review I had to run to SOHO shop to get them.

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The lady I had not seen in about five years who came for tea last month wanted to come again. She was picking up feed bags for a Pinterest project. Of course, I wanted to serve tea again because she was so stunned at how good the high quality tea tastes last time! I chose this one for today because she mentioned that she and her mother were interested in tea for the health benefits.

Twice now I have had trouble getting people to understand that white tea is higher in antioxidants than green. They keep insisting on green because of all the articles they have read. As I served this one I read the description and details from the Teavivre website. She was very excited when she heard the part about antioxidants.

We tasted the tea and she declared it to be the best tea she has ever tasted in her entire life, and asked me to order one bag for her and one for her mom. She even stayed for a resteep of the pot and we finished that one, too.

This is one of those teas that would be in my shelf if I ever had to have just five teas. (Gasp!)

BrewTEAlly Sweet

Don’t we all wish that. Back in the day when we didn’t even know any of this existed ha ha.

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I was raised in the Bible Belt in a Baptist household. My mother was raised in a Baptist orphanage. It was a loving, nurturing home, but you did not, I repeat, did NOT say “oh my God” or “Jesus Christ” unless you were actually praying. My sister frequently said, “OH LORD!” Then softly added, “And I do mean it reverently.” Yep, we were that Southern Baptist.

These habits are hard to break, and I still do not use those expressions lightly, so believe me when I say I meant it with all my heart when I cut this package open, sniffed, and said, “Oh my God” in a husky voice as my knees shook.

I had only tried a sample of this, but loved it long ago. When a friend signed up for Teavivre samples I encouraged her to try this one, and she fell in love with it and no other tea would do, so I placed an order for both of us. I guess it has been over a year now since I had my samples.

What is so great about it? Everything. The jasmine aroma is lighter than their other jasmines like Dragon Pearl Jasmine, Silver Jasmine Green, and Superfine Downy Jasmine Dragon Pearls. The tea itself is so rich and creamy. The mouth feel reminds me very much of having a bit of real whipping cream. This is a white tea with great body, great taste of creamy oaty grain goodness, and the sweetness of jasmine laid over the top. The jasmine stays with you after the sip in a little ghost of aftertaste.

Hubby tried it for the first time tonight and really liked it. We had five steeps, FIVE!, so far and it is still so very good.

Thank you for sending me samples and introducing me to so many wonderful teas, Teavivre! I end up buying almost everything I taste!

Edited to add: after hubby went to bed I went for a sixth steep. I drank it. I had to get up a lot last night! Just until about 2 am. LOL!


This one is so good. It would be interesting to compare all of Teavivre’s jasmines!


Yes to everything you wrote.


Your first paragraph made me snort Nina’s up my nose! You’ll get this one: we took Mom last weekend for a bittersweet day at their little home church—not the one I grew up in—and I had to look left and right to make sure it was OK to applaud :) My brother, veteran bluegrass musician, brought his dobro to play Jesus Loves Me, the Old Rugged Cross, and How Great Thou Art for Mom’s birthday present. You would’ve cried, too.

Terri HarpLady

I love this review! :)


tigress_al: I think I have now tried all of their jasmines! In order of preference, I would say this is my favorite for when I can really be still and pay attention to how good my tea is, Premium Jasmine Dragon Pearls come next, then Superfine Downy Jasmine Pearls, then Silver Jasmine Green tea, which is excellent with food but not as good by itself as these others. I still bought a lot of it because it is very economical and when paired with a meal I do detect enough difference to justify using a more expensive tea.


GMathis: you are right! I definitely would have cried! My youngest is now getting into gospel bluegrass thanks to the game Bioshock Infinite of all things, and is performing Will the Circle Be Unbroken (original lyrics) with me and with one of my students!

K S and Terri: Glad you liked it! :)


You know, there are just some things that can’t be sung off a screen with a rhythm track :)

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This is a sample provided by Teavivre for review! I already reviewed this one today but I felt that the resteep deserved a review as well because of the circumstances.

I had a late student tonight so I decided to make a resteep of the leaves from this afternoon. The mom of the young lady is not a big tea drinker and has really only had sweet iced black tea and maybe a flavored and sweetened Christmas tea.

I offered her a cup of the resteep and she accepted. She sniffed it and said it smelled like perfume. She sipped. She loved the aroma and the taste, and refilled her cup.

I love when someone enjoys new teas – I don’t think she had even heard of white tea before tonight. She told me that I should tell Teavivre that a tea “imbecile” – her words not mine – loved their tea!

What impressed me was how much color this white tea still had on the resteep, and the flavor was virtually the same as the first steep. And now I have one more friend who is a tea friend as well!




Or….TEA-vangelist!? LOL!

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This is the last of a free sample sent by Teavivre. Thank you, Mary, Angel, and Teavivre!

I chose this as the final tea of tea party. Normally a white tea would have been served first and we would progress to darker, stronger, or more flavored teas. But today I wanted hefty black tea to go with our food, and I used this as a “wind down” tea for relaxing and chatting after eating.

If any jasmine tea can compete with Teavivre’s Jasmine Dragon Pearls for the top spot in my heart, this would be it. The jasmine is sweet and not soapy, the tea has great body and color, and everything about it whispers, “quality.” I say it whispers because those two jasmine teas are the ultimate relaxation to me and neither would ever scream. You might even say it purrs.

Aaaahh! Very good, my guest loved it, I loved it. I am thinking this will probably be on my next Teavivre order, which I will be making very soon because I have to order for a couple of friends who came to tea and can’t live without Jasmine and Taiwanese Ginseng Oolong.


I love silver needle. Like a cool refreshing pool.


Yep love this one. I am definitely serving this one at my next tea party day!!!


Just made the third steep. Very light now but still enjoyable!

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Two years ago, I couldn’t really taste white tea. Even a year ago, white tea was pretty much wasted on me. Now that my palate is less jaded from exposure to super sweet sodas and I have learned to seek the nuances in the cup, I enjoy every kind of tea I have encountered.

White tea is still elusive for me, though, and I try to only drink it when I am alone and can concentrate on what I am tasting. But this one was served at tea party yesterday! My guest, a former “coffee only” person, loved it. I loved it, too, and finished the pot later in the day. Then…something strange happened.

The tea that requires concentration to taste because of its subtlety, haunted me all evening long. The memory of the taste tugged at me, but I didn’t think I should make anymore so late. It is no wonder, then, that the first thing I should do today after breakfast was to make a resteep of yesterday’s leaves.

The resteep is even better! I was afraid I had the water a little too hot, but if I did then I need to do that again! I did not lengthen my steep time, yet the liquor is every bit as golden. The jasmine is even more noticeable to me now, it seems. There is a slight, but pleasant, VERY pleasant, astringency now, so perhaps I didn’t cool my water long enough, but I can already tell that when this pot is gone, I will again be haunted by the taste and memory of this tea.

Excellent! Well done! Thank you, Teavivre, for this sample!


Sound really great, will try to find a chance to try this one. Also waiting for my TeaVivre samples :D

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