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Currently sipping on this one.

This is a really interesting Australian black tea that I got my mom to pick up for me on her vacation to BC; it was one of a couple teas from Terroir Tea Merchant that I was specifically interested in. I’ve had a few green teas from Australia now, but I think this is my first black tea? What’s really interesting to me is that basically Australia is modelling their tea growing after Japanese practices – but Japan isn’t exactly renowned for the black tea, are they? So I’m curious what exactly this will taste like…

The dry leaf is certainly inviting enough though; lots of sweet malt and cocoa notes coming off it, and a bit of an earthiness? I wonder how that will translate flavour wise.

Steeped up, I’m enjoying this one a lot! It’s very smooth and full bodied, with a thick soup that coats the inside of the mouth. The top notes are sweet, and are all elements/flavours that I would sort of associate with being inside of a bakery: malt, cocoa powder, honey, fresh baked bread, molasses, and a touch of cinnamon. The body is a bit deeper, a little more savory while still being sweet: malt, wood, dark chocolate, raisin bread, and maybe even something kind of like leather?

The finish is the really interesting part to me, though. It’s a lot less sweet than the rest of the sip, and has a bit more of a burnt toast and dense black pepper kind of thing going for it on top of that malty quality. It’s tickling the back of my throat in a similar way to how blends with actual black pepper or peppercorn in them do. It’s also a little drying.

I think right now I like this one on the whole, but I’m curious to explore it a little further and see if the flavour profile is consistent to what I’m getting from it now. I wish it was just a touch sweeter going into that finish because the black pepper tickling sensation isn’t my favourite thing ever. It’s not a deal breaker, though.


Royal milk tea is quite popular. That uses other countries black tea like Assam or Darjeeling. :)

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Managed to sneak in one last cup of tea before I have to get ready for work right away!

I’m always excited to try a new Nepalese tea, and I’ve really enjoyed the offerings from Terroir Tea that I’ve had so far so adding this to my Amoda sample order was a really easy decision for me.

Dry, the leaf reminded me a lot of Glossette raisins: smooth, sweet and chocolatey with that raisin undertone to it. Now that I’m drinking it steeped up, I’m finding it a lot more malty/woody and floral, with some raisin/muscat sort of undertones and just the tiniest hint of cocoa and overlying sweetness in general (perhaps the honey that’s described). It’s fairly medium bodied overall, with a nice balance of flavour and softness to the top notes and finish. Pretty different from the dry leaf aroma, overall. I really love how smooth it is though, and the thickness of the mouthfeel.

Reminds me loosely of a 1st Flush and 2nd Flush Darjeeling cross/mix.


If only you drank teas like this all the time. :)

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See my full review on Sororitea Sisters:

Flavors: Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Earth, Floral, Red Wine, Tannin

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Last tea of the day today, and man have I had a day…

So, last night I left my phone at work. Not the end of the world; I knew it was on the counter and the store was locked up – it was safe and secure, and I worked the next day so I knew I could totally grab it when I got in to work. So, I got in this afternoon and immediately started rummaging through the counter drawers. I could NOT find the phone. So, concerned I turned to the ASM Paige and was all “Uh, hey – did you see my phone here this morning?” Paige got so pale, so fast – and that’s when I knew something was wrong. I guess this morning, right after the store opened, one of our tea guides/associates had seen it on the counter and very loudly said something to the effect of “Hey Paige, who’s phone is this?” – nearby customer then turned to her and claimed it was her phone/thanked Rachel (the tea guide) for pointing it out so she didn’t forget it. Then promptly left…

By the time I’d started work for the day Rachel was gone, so I gave her a call and very hesitantly asked her to describe the phone she found. Yup; matched mine PERFECTLY. That fucking bitch of a customer stole my fucking phone! I mean, it’s password protected and actually quite old (almost six years old!) so I figured maybe just maybe they would have taken a closer look at it after leaving the store and realized it’s worth like nothing/they couldn’t get into it and abandoned it as customer service/mall security but nope. I called it several times today, but whatever bitch stole it has it turned off. I also checked FB Market/Kijiji/Varage Sale and all the like to see if someone had listed it on any of them in an attempt to sell it, but no such luck. I’ll keep checking…

So, I guess tomorrow before I start work I have to go figure out this damn phone situation. I’ve never lost a phone before, or broken one for that matter. What’s the fucking process here? Clearly I’m gonna need a new phone because I’m sure this one is completely lost now but can I transfer my plan over or anything? I literally have NO CLUE how this works; it’s been SO LONG since I last got a phone. I mean, it’s literally six years old so the last time I got a phone/set up a plan or contract I was sixteen years old. And I definitely had parental help doing it…


Also, obviously I’m not mad at Rachel – I think in the same situation I probably would have done the exact same thing. Like, that fucker played Rachel so badly/took advantage of her kindness but also had some BLOODY QUICK reaction time too. Ugh! It’s just such a fucking headache…

But at least the tea has been good today. Had it not, I don’t know that I could have made it through an hour long shift without snapping at someone – I’m pretty proud of myself for keeping my cool today even with good tea. There were photos on my phone I hadn’t backed up yet that meant a lot to me, and a few phone numbers/contacts that I don’t think were backed up either that I’ll never get back. As well as tons of text history, including some from friends and family who have since passed away…

Anyway; the tea! I’ll keep it pretty brief since I’ve ranted/rambled enough but it was very, very smooth and sweet with good, velvety mouthfeel and medium bodied notes. The body was a mix of sweet red fruit notes, honey, hazelnut, mineral, wood, caramel, some sort of sugar glaze, malt, and baker’s chocolate with a strong bread like note that I’d describe as some sort of mix of sweet bread and Easter Buns/Hot Cross buns. You know, the ones with the sweet sugar “cross” along the top and bits of candied fruit. The finish is the same lovely mix, but a little weaker/watery.

Overall, there’s A LOT going on but it’s really delightful and it’s as nice of a note to close out the day on as I think I’ll be able to manage tonight. I just have to set the frustration of it all aside right now, and deal with it tomorrow. However that works out…

Just, fuck.

Lexie Aleah

You don’t have a tracker app set up if it’s a smart phone do you? This made me so mad reading this, something very similar happened to me about two years ago.


Why would somebody do this?! Ugh, people are the worst. I’m so sorry.


That sucks, Kelly. People are terrible. I know a guy in my residence who found an Iphone and was going to keep it but it had a passcode so he was like “fine, I’ll turn it in since its too much effort to unlock” and then thought he was such a good guy for not stealing someone’s phone.

This person is worse since they actively stole your phone and I guess hoped it would be unlocked or something. Just keep your eyes on the sale sites for a little bit since the person might wait to post it and then you can at least catch the jerk who did this.

As for the process now, I think it all depends on your phone plan and such but most people will try to help given your phone was stolen, at least that has been my experience with broken/lost/stolen phones. Just go into the store for your service provider and talk to customer service and explain the situation and most likely they’ll walk you through the process.

Roswell Strange

@Lexie, it’s not a smart phone – so no tracking :/


My iphone got run over by a car (I’d dropped it without realizing in front of my house). It was a pain, but in the end it was an opportunity to get a new phone! Maybe an upgrade is in order to treat yourself after having to go through this. :-)

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From my mom’s vacation haul/BC trip.

I was really impressed with the first tea I tried from this company, so I was feeling pretty optimistic about this one too. It’s one I specifically requested because I’m always stoked to try something else from Nepal, and the description on the website certainly sounded appealing. While I do want to Gong Fu this I started with a Western brew because that’s actually what the recommended way to brew this one was on the package.

- This was fucking DELICIOUS; insanely so!
- Dry leaf smells like straight up chocolate and dark rye; yummy!
- You know it’s good when you set your mug down to get something from the other room
- …and come back only to find your mother stealing sips from the mug
- Really nuanced, but overall thick mouthfeel and full bodied flavour
- Super smooth/silky with a light roast
- Top notes of: honey, caramel, malt, rye bread, baker’s chocolate
- Body notes of: cinnamon, French bread, malt, honey, light cocoa
- Finish: sweeter with fruity undertones such as dark cherries or even plums
- This finishing note is likely the “wine” described by the vendor
- Honestly the best Nepalese tea I’ve had to date

I’ve really liked a lot of the teas that my mom brought back for me, but thus far this one might just be my favourite. It’s seriously really fucking good.


Ooh, that sounds good!

Daylon R Thomas

The price is not bad either.



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So my mom just bought this balm that’s I guess like a muscle relaxer, but made with traditional Chinese herbs/spices and stuff? It’s called Tiger Balm and it actually does fucking wonders in terms of like back pain/shoulder pain and that kind of thing.

I bring it up ‘cause I drank a mug of this the other night and literally the only thing I could think of was her fucking Tiger Balm. This tulsi tastes exactly like how the tiger balm smells. I think that’s probably ‘cause this does have some intense cinnamon notes to it and like one of the main things in that balm is cinnamon/cassia oil. So, there’s overlap in that regard. Also notes of clove, and mint in addition to that herbaceous basil quality. I don’t know; it was a VERY good cup and really soothing/relaxing flavours.

I’m just sayin’… Tiger Balm.

Song Pairing: https://youtu.be/pstVCGyaUBM


Oh man you’ve never heard of tiger balm? Growing up that stuff was used in a lot of dares…. lol

Evol Ving Ness

Tiger balm is the bee’s knees for people with bodies.

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Drank this one last night…

Flavour wise, it was pretty spot on to what it normally is, and that was delicious and comforting in all the right ways. However, something was off mouthfeel wise. I can’t explain where it came from, but it was just so thick and oily. Very, very unpleasant texture. Definitely was the cause for some conflicting feelings…

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Drank this one last night before bed.

At a certain point, I almost forgot that I was actually drinking tulsi because this was so clove-like in flavour last night! Legit, my sister asked what I was drinking and I actually responded with “steeped clov- wait, no shit! It’s tulsi not cloves!”. She just shrugged; I’m sure she really didn’t care either way and was just making polite conversation.

I do really love this one though; it’s nice having it as a herbal/before bed option instead of all the really fruity herbals in my stash. It’s more ‘tea like’ in a way…

Song Pairing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCF9bm-vTqE&list=LL1M1wDjmJD4SJr_CwzXAGuQ&index=4

(I’m really into Foster The People’s new music!)

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Hot mug of tea on the front steps with a bowl of cherries, and some good music!

So, this second time around i feel like I definitely got more of a feel of the “spice” elements of the flavour profile. The finish was very clove heavy, with even a sense of ginger or even cinnamon. All of that, of course, on top of the very herbaceous flavour of the basil itself. It was actually a very nice compliment to the cherries as well because it sort of created this sweet “spiced cherry” sort of flavour profile with the same great juxtaposition between savory and sweet that you get from pairings like sage and blackberry or peach and thyme.

In fact, I think I’d be REALLY on board for a “Spiced Cherry and Tulsi” type of blend; either herbal, rooibos, honeybush, or black. Cherries, tulsi, clove and the tea base, maybe with a bit of cinnamon? Can I put in a formal recommendation for Anne of 52Teas to make that!? It would be SO good!

Song Pairing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iWIufREVVM&list=WL&index=2

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So, this is a new company for me – and one I had asked my mom to check out ahead of time. In a perfect world, I would have got her to get more than just three different teas but there were so many stores she was stopping at, so I tried not to overload at any one place…

I realized early on that most of what I’d requested was black teas or just caffeinated teas in general so I asked for this one as a bit of a change of pace. Additionally, even though I’ve tried tulsi I’ve never had it on hand to play with before, and I think this particular varietal is a new one to me as well. It smells great though!

I’d love input from others – but how does everyone on Steepster here like Tulsi to prepare your tulsi? I went with a Western infusion, but I’m wondering if this would hold up to being brewed Gong Fu because I feel like it could make an interesting option for late night tea making.

My western brew was great though: obviously it tasted strongly of basil because that’s essentially what tulsi is. However, the company description says “clove” as well, and I was skeptical of that, though I definitely do think this had that strong but sweet sort of spiciness that I’d associate with clove so I think I was a bit hasty in my skepticism. I love clove though, so it was just this wonderful added layer of flavour.

I was REALLY happy with this tea.

Also worth noting, of all the tea places my mom stopped at for me, she said that this was her favourite. She loved getting to speak to the owner (she’s a sucker for that kind of thing; as am I, honestly) and she said she felt very welcomed as someone who doesn’t know much about tea at all, especially because this is more of a specialty store/“store for those who kind of know what they’re doing” (in her words) compared to companies like Davidstea or Teavanna. Her and the owner had a long conversation about how the owner had gotten into tea, and about me as well. They also took the time to explain exactly what all the teas I was getting were, and what made them special/unique and she got to see some pretty cool teaware demoed. You know, the full blown experience. Just, she was REALLY impressed with the experience overall. Coupled with this first impression of their tea/tisanes – I think this is a store to keep an eye on…


I’ve never heard of this store before, but I’m definitely going to check it out soon!

Roswell Strange

I’ll try and review the other two teas I nabbed from them sooner rather than later; maybe that’ll give you something to keep an eye out for when you do visit :)

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Hmm, I was hoping for some walnut and dark chocolate notes going by the description, but I got 70% drier, woodsy notes followed by softening 20% softening honey, and a surprising, remaining 10% mineral note. Roughly, of course. This also has a thinner mouthfeel so I can’t see this going too well with milk. Not my idea of a black tea but I’m sure there are some tea drinkers out there who would appreciate this more than I.

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