The Bu Kombucha

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Drank two of these when they were on sale last week.I’d never heard of or tried this brand before so I was curious. The first thing I noticed was the beautiful green color of the tea. I wasn’t impressed by the flavor at first because I’m used to drinking Kombucha with a lot of flavor. When I drank the second bottle it really hit the spot though. I’ve never had Honeydew melon before but in general melon is supposed to be light and refreshing. This Kombucha was just that. I think the cultures they used are really nice. When I poured this into a cup it was SUPER foamy. Sometimes Kombucha can be a little too carbonated for me but this was just right. I’ve never had a Kombucha before that had that much foam, not even one on tap.

Flavors: Melon

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